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Site Launch: November 11, 2011

Break even point: The Break Even Point on the Starter Plan is 88 Calendar Days and 79 on the Regular Plan.

Contact Details:

Owner/Founder: Roman Novak


The site states:


Do you need cash to finance your business or re-finance your current loans? Looking for a place that will get you excellent returns on your investments? If yes, Profitable Sunrise is here for you. Join us to become a part of our huge family and your life will change for the better and for good.

What does an Interim Loan mean? A short-term loan that is used until a person or company secures permanent financing or removes an existing obligation. This type of financing allows the user to meet current obligations by providing immediate cash flow. The loans are short-term with relatively high interest rates and are backed by some form of collateral such as real estate or inventory.

What does a Risk-free Investment mean? An investment with a certain rate of return and no chance of default. Although various investments (for example, savings accounts or blue chip stocks) meet these requirements, a Treasury bill is the most common example of a riskless investment. Risk-free investments have such a low level of risk that it may be ignored.


Unique script.


The design is simple…you won’t find any flash or bells and whistles. Once registration is complete you will be taken directly to your backoffice.


1. Starter Plan. The minimum investment is $10.00. Interest rate is 1.6% per business day. Investment term is 180 business days. Compounding is available. Principal amount is returned upon maturity.

2. Regular Plan. The minimum investment is $500.00. Interest rate is 1.8% per business day. Investment term is 180 business days. Compounding is available. Principal amount is returned upon maturity.

3. Advanced Plan. The minimum investment is $2,500.00. Interest rate is 2% per business day. Investment term is 180 business days. Compounding is available. Principal amount is returned upon maturity.

4. Private Plan. This plan is available to groups only. All the details are discussed individually.

Minimum/Maximum deposit:

The Minimum Deposit is $10 and there is no Maximum.


Compounding IS available.

Principal Withdrawal:

Principal will be returned to your account upon expiry.


Normal withdrawals will receive funds in your account within the next 24 hours. Fast withdrawals are available for groups only.

Business/Calendar Days:

Interest is credited every Business Day.

E-currencies accepted:

Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money and Solid Trust Pay are accepted. Additionally, you can use Bank Wire Transfer although they do not recommend using this service for deposits below $300 because of the fees incurred.

Site Information:

ProfitableSunrise states on their site {Quote} Interim Loans. We provide interim loans to companies for the term of 6 days to 24 months. Mostly, these are high-yield loans to companies seeking funds until permanent financing is obtained. Typically higher interest rates apply to such financing to compensate for the extra risks involved. {End Quote} They have been paying perfectly since November. Since they are introduced as HYIP I tend to treat them as I would any HYIP…with caution. You will find everything you are wanting to know on the site.

Dedicated Server:

Hosted on a dedicated server by

SSL Certificate:

Verified by DigiCert High Assurance EV Ca-1, DigiCert Inc.

DDOS Protection:

Anti-DDoS Protected by BlockDos

Referral Program:

Profitable Sunrise offers a 5% commission on all 1st level referrals.

They also offer “regional representative” positions. Applications should be sent to:



Standard email Support Ticket

Main Forums





One of our readers asked me to review this program and I’m happy to do that. They have all of the criteria we look for and in addition they have been paying perfectly for several months. I must admit that I looked at this program when they launched and chose not to review it because of the simplicity of the site and the lack of promotion at that time. It’s too bad we don’t have the foresight to recognize an Admin who will prove to be top-notch and will lead Profitable Sunrise in the most positive manner…nice to have found him before it’s too late.

I noticed more than one extra security feature in my backoffice and here’s one they mention in the FAQs:

Q: What is the `Lock` button inside my account for?

A: This is a security feature protecting your account against hacker attacks. Once you have enabled this feature, you will need to enter the Secret Word (you have chosen at registration) to disable it.

I like this very much!

One problem I noticed when I registered (they call it “Signup”) — when I used the link from my referrer it’s given with http:// …the “Your Upline” said NONE. I then added https:// to the link instead and it worked perfectly. Make sure you check this when you register so your “upline” is reflected properly.

ProfitableSunrise offers four plans…three of which are the normal escalating minimum deposits with the higher ROI…the larger the risk the larger the return. Let’s take a look at one of them:

Just as an example we’ll use a $100 deposit into the “Starter Plan”:

Depositing $100 @ 1.6% every Business Day you would receive $1.60 each business day with “Accumulated Profit” over a period of 253 Calendar Days resulting in 180 payments (180 Business Days) for a total of $288.00 (280%) which you will be withdrawing daily. Add the return of your original deposit upon expiry for a total of $388.00.

If you were to deposit today you would reach the Break Even Point of 88 days on September 6, 2012.

For those of you who look for long-term programs with a proven track record and an “able” Admin, Profitable Sunrise may be just what you are looking for. Enjoy reading about this program and always use only funds set aside for High-Risk programs and Play Safe!

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  1. Amanda says:

    ProfitableSunrise Review Published!

  2. Deborah says:

    Thanks so much for providing a review on Profitable Sunrise. I am looking for solid and real business models to invest in. I have been aware of these types of high interest loans and am happy to see one online where I can now be a participant. I love the returns as well!


  3. Amanda says:

    Update from ProfitableSunrise Admin:

    Good Day!

    It has been a while since I last sent you a newsletter. A lot of positive stuff has happened since and, in a nutshell, I can honestly say that Profitable Sunrise is growing, expanding and getting stronger by the day. But you must admit that it has been quite good before that too!

    Today I would like to tell you about the various developments that have occurred recently.

    1. We have obtained that EV SSL certificate for the Profitable Sunrise website. It allows for all the information exchanged between your computer and our backend server to be encrypted using the most advanced security standards. You can check that as the greenbar will be displayed in your browser’s address bar (Or Trusted notice if you are using Opera) every time you log into your back-office on our website. If you ever do not see the greenbar on our website, close the page immediately as it means that you are not on our website. The use of EV SSL certificate provides maximum protection against phishing attacks.

    2. Having received numerous requests from my members, I have finally added Solid Trust Pay to the list of payment methods used at Profitable Sunrise. Some of you may ask what why need it. I am sure many of you will be happy to be able to take your interest out directly into your bank account. With Solid Trust Pay it is easy and convenient as Solid Trust Pay supports ACH transfer in the US, EFT transfers in Canada and Osterreich Lastschrifteinzug in EU. Apart from this, you have an option to send a direct bank wire transfer, transfer to your credit card or have a debit card issued in your name. I have been working with Solid Trust Pay for one month now and so far have only positive things to day about it – you can use their live support to really solve problems online as their live support representatives help you with everything real-time. Unlike other systems which simply ask you to send a separate email to a respective department. For example, they helped me restore the account password I lost and confirmed receipt of the invoice for one of the transactions as their security department had asked me to provide it. Long story short, I am more than satisfied. I have come across a few reports from people who are having problems with their Solid Trust Pay accounts, but I have been unable to find any supporting evidence. So it makes me assume that such problems are rather rare. It is also very important for you to be aware of the fact that if you are a US resident, you will not be able to convert Solid Trust Pay into other e-currencies. But this is not really an issue as you can simply withdraw funds into your bank account. If you are not a US resident, you can convert funds held in your Solid Trust Pay account into any other e-currency.

    3. Adding Payza to our website. This is the story in a nutshell. I have submitted the website and company account for verification to AlertPay (before this system got re-branded as Payza on May 14, 2012). After that they began the re-branding process which eventually resulted in significant changes in the company structure – they restructed and changed the names of the company departments and reworked their help-desk. During that time they confirmed verification of and the company account. Soon after that they canceled the verification due to the changes in the company policies and asked me to re-submit my website and company documents for verification once again. Which I promptly did. It is important to note that every decision (account verification, website verification, website verification cancellation, another website verification request) took Payza up to 10 business days to make. Phone support at Payza is just useless unless you are asking some very simple question, such as how a ‘Pay now’ button can be set up on your website. So don’t ever contact them by phone, you will simply lose your time. Your call will be on hold for 30 minutes at least. I was once put on hold for 1 hour and 40 minutes. Can you believe it? When the phone support representative finally picked up the phone, he or she was always happy to help me with ‘any problems or questions I have’. The fact is that they cannot help you if you ask questions about account or website verification, any specific transaction that was put on hold or pending. In order to get assistance with this, they will ask you to submit a support ticket. Just imagine that they cannot provide answers to some 75% of questions customers ask. I have called them 6 times, so I definitely know what I am talking about.

    The first time I managed to get through to their phone support operator, he was eager to help me with the verification process so I was told to submit my documents required for the verification through a support ticket as he could not find them in their database which I also did. When I called them again in some 2 or 3 days to check on the verification status, I was told by another operator than my verification request was put at the end of the verification queue as I had submitted the documents once again (he told me that I was not supposed to do this under any circumstance). When I called them again and again, they always told me that any questions related to account/website verification should be submitted via support tickets. As of now, the verification is in process. As soon as they finally verify my website, Payza will be immediately available on our website as technically have been ready to add for a long time now.

    4. I have spent a lot of my time thinking about how to facilitate payments to and from Profitable Sunrise accounts and make them as easy for my members as possible. I understand that many of few express interest in using Solid Trust Pay and Payza as they are more cost-efficient than sending a direct bank wire transfer to fund your Profitable Sunrise account and you do not trust other payment systems. I have worked out a solution to this problem. From today on I will refund all the bank wire transfer fees to you. Let me explain how this will work. It is very simple. From today on, the minimum amount for a bank wire transfer deposit is lowered to $150.00. To have your bank wire transfer fee refunded, please send me the form your you fill out at your bank. My customer support operators will help you fill out the form correctly and will see the amount you will have to pay at your bank in order to send the bank wire transfer (as the bank wire transfer fee is mentioned in such forms in most cases). The bank wire transfer fee will simply be added to the account balance of your account. If this information is not mentioned in the form, simply send the link to the website of your bank and we will easily find the amount charged by your bank. The corresponding amount will simply be added to your balance. So depositing funds has never been that easy.

    Another question you may ask how to withdraw funds from Profitable Sunrise. It is as simple. For smaller amounts, use Solid Trust Pay which can then be transferred into your bank account or wait for at least $335 to be accumulated in your account and withdraw the amount through a direct bank wire transfer withdrawal. Note a $35 fee is charged for this operation. You will also be able to use Payza to take your interest out after we add it.

    Now I would like to answer a few questions I have never paid attention to before. A number of my members ask if their downlines are using compounding, is it considered as extra deposits. Yes, it is. You earn downline commissions on compounded interest. I treat compounded interest as extra deposits, it is just that they are made automatically.

    Many of you ask if we have a page on Facebook. No, we do not. The page was set up, but we do not monitor or support it. You can only like us through the corresponding button on our website. So if you like our Facebook page, press ‘Like’ button. I am convinced that my members can discuss Profitable Sunrise via conventional email and they do not need to do this via Facebook.

    Finally, a lot of you ask if you can enable and disable the compounding option at any time. Yes, you can do it. You can enable compounding to increase your account principal and start earning more daily interest after you disable it. Apart from that we receive plenty of other questions, but they are not as frequent, so we respond to them individually.

    I hope you have found this newsletter useful and you will continue working with me. By doing so you secure your future.

    Remember that they are no questions that cannot be answered. So send me any questions you have and I will do all that is in my powers to help you.

    God Bless,

    Roman Novak
    Profitable Sunrise Founder

    P.S. By the way, have you witnessed an extremely rare, a really once-in-a-lifetime event – the transit of Venus? Historically, this rare alignment is how we measured the size of our Solar system. This was the last transit of Venus to occur during our lifetime as the next one will occur in December 2017. It means that we have witnessed a really unique event. It is definitely something we can tell our grand-kids about.

  4. Deborah says:

    It is a very good sign when a ceo moves forward with the movement of funds by looking at all viable options. Also refunding the bank wire fee is unheard of, how amazingly generous!

    • Amanda says:

      @Deborah. I had to reread the “refunding the bank wire fee” thinking I had misread … but it’s true :)

    • Ty Anderson says:

      My wire fee was 90 dollars and it was added to my corpus. Nice and thankyou Roman VS That is part of the Come On. With a minimum 500 into Long Haul, they can suck up the wiring fee.

      I think I will ever be conflicted concerning this program, until I know empiracally that they do loans.

  5. Amanda says:

    I decided to put a little in this program and received my first interest payment along with an email right on time. Everything is efficiently done :)

    06/15/2012 06:44 99501345 U3508025 (Profitable S…)

    06/13/2012 09:11 99202800 U3508025 (Profitable S…)

  6. Amanda says:

    I am so impressed with the Admin for this fine program. I requested my profit withdrawal and here is the confirmation email (in part):

    We confirm that we have completed your request for withdrawal of funds from your account.

    The amount you requested is USD, payment method is Liberty Reserve, transaction batch number is 99996824…

    Thank you Profitable Sunrise :)

  7. Amanda says:

    More payouts from Profitable Sunrise:

    06/19/2012 00:45 99996824 U3508025 (Profitable S…)

  8. Deborah says:

    I love how I get an email every time I earn in my account. Sent a bank wire today, am so so excited about Profitable Sunrise.

    • Amanda says:

      @Deborah. Most Admin don’t take our feelings seriously – I like that Mr. Novak does. With our busy days the email is a great reminder.

  9. Amanda says:

    More payouts from ProfitableSunrise:

    06/23/2012 06:45 100640409 U3508025 (Profitable S…)

    06/21/2012 00:44 100314044 U3508025 (Profitable S…)

  10. Amanda says:

    Very happy with ProfitableSunrise…another payout:

    06/27/2012 06:44 101098380 U3508025 (Profitable S…)

  11. Amanda says:

    Latest email from the Admin of Profitable Sunrise:

    Good Day!

    It is a pleasure to inform you that from today on we accept Payza as one of the payment methods.

    What does it mean for our members? It essentially means that from now on Profitable Sunrise is working with all major electronic payment systems and any member is free to choose the most suitable payment method from list below:

    Liberty Reserve
    Perfect Money
    Solid Trust Pay
    Bank Wire Transfer (don`t forget that we will return the fee you need pay at your bank when sending the wire transfer. On condition you show us the bank wire transfer form with the fee listed on it).

    Thank you so much for your trust! I assure you that we will not let you down!

    Remember that they are no questions that cannot be answered. So send me any questions you have and I will do all that is in my powers to help you.

    God Bless,

    Roman Novak
    Profitable Sunrise Founder

    I’m sure this will make many of you happy — all the funding options you want.

  12. Deborah says:

    Wow, I sent a bank wire and it was seamless. I got an email verifying they received the funds. I really do like this kind of personalized service.

  13. Amanda says:

    Paid again by ProfitableSunrise:

    06/29/2012 00:45 101339159 U3508025 (Profitable S…)

  14. Amanda says:

    Moving right along with ProfitableSunrise:

    07/03/2012 00:45 101774653 U3508025 (Profitable S…)

  15. Amanda says:

    Another payout from ProfitableSunrise:

    07/06/2012 00:45 102174189 U3508025 (Profitable S…)

  16. Deborah says:

    I like how Profitable Sunrise does a weekly tally of earnings, boy are they ever organized. How many investments provide that service? WOW

    • Amanda says:

      @Deborah. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that, as well. I don’t recall any other programs doing that…at least not ones that I have been in.

  17. Amanda says:

    Just a note –

    ProfitableSunrise has a nice new “fresh” site…I like it :)

  18. Amanda says:

    I’ve been paid again :)

    07/10/2012 00:45 102627404 U3508025 (Profitable S…)

  19. Amanda says:

    Paid, just like clockwork:

    07/12/2012 12:45 102977379 U3508025 (Profitable S…)

  20. Deborah says:

    Profitable Sunrise is my most efficient investment now. It is easy to tell others about it and generate interest. The new site looks great. I am extremely happy with them!

  21. Amanda says:

    Paid, as usual :)

    07/17/2012 00:45 103509301 U3508025 (Profitable S…)

  22. Deborah says:

    With $500 in my account, within a year I could have $120,000. Imagine that!

    Somebody please check my math!

    Oh yeah Oh yeah

    • admin says:

      @Deborah. The advantages of the private plan, i.e. “4. Private Plan. This plan is available to groups only. All the details are discussed individually.” She is speaking of $500 (in the private plan) with 100% Compound for one year (paying business days).

      Just for your information — if you happen to use my link for signup you will be part of a Private Plan :)

  23. Amanda says:

    A lengthy Newsletter from the Admin of ProfitableSunrise:

    Good Day!

    A lot of changes have taken place since my last newsletter to you. All of them have been changes for the better. What has not changed is our willingness to work for you. I am sure you value our attitude.

    First of all, we have completed overhauled our website. We have tried to make it more customer-oriented and intuitive. The fact is that the number of technical queries about how to enable this or that feature on our website has reduced by 50%. This allowed us to improve our customer service.

    Now let’s get down to the news of the day. Most of you are already aware that Payza has modified its Terms of Service. I spent several days trying to reach Payza on the phone in order to ask a few questions I had. This is what I managed to get from them:

    Payza, as a registered U.S. money transfer agent is obliged to report all transactions that exceed a certain amount, that were initiated too quickly after the account funding, that are too frequent, that look suspicious. In other words, there is a 2-page long list of transactions they must report. Since Payza is a global system and they serve customers from all over the world and all transactions in their systems are instant, it is becoming increasingly complicated to report all of the transactions. Certainly, they could simply introduce limits for transactions, start blocking suspicious transactions, etc. But that would contradict their visions on development of Payza as a global payment system. So, they have made a decision to stop serving some businesses where most of the transactions must be reported to the authorities.

    This is actually why they have stopped serving us – We process thousands of transactions every day, send money to different countries and the amounts sent may differ dramatically.

    Unfortunately, Payza has not provided a decent grace period in order to prepare for a smooth transition. The truth is that they informed us a few days ago that we would need to close our Payza account on July 20, 2012. If we do not close it, Payza will either put a hold on it or terminate it. They have also declined our suggestion to let our existing Payza customers continue using our services.

    So I had to decide what to do. While talking to Payza, they have referred me to EgoPay which is designed to replace Payza for business like ours. Why EgoPay? I guess the answer is in the very structure of EgoPay as a payment system. Account opening is very simple and super-fast. There is no verification. The fees are similar to those at Payza. But the best thing about EgoPay is that every Payza customer can easily fund his EgoPay account via Payza. All transfers from Payza to EgoPay and back are real-time. More to that, the auhtorized exchangers that work with EgoPay use Western Union and bank wire transfers, checks and other methods. Anyway, EgoPay looks like a very real replacement to Payza, as you can continue using your existing Payza account to fund your EgoPay account and withdraw funds back from it.

    After giving this matter proper consideration, I have made the decision to stop accepting Payza at Profitable Sunrise from July 20, 2012. Instead, we will start using EgoPay. Your Payza deposits will be accepted through EgoPay, your interest from Payza balances will be available for withdrawal through EgoPay. All Payza accounts stored in our database will be deleted on July 20, 2012 and all customers who were using Payza will need to add their EgoPay accounts instead. You can open an account with EgoPay here:

    The process will take you not more than 2 minutes.

    There is one more thing I have forgotten to mention. EgoPay is legally registered in Belize. I have spoken to my brother Radoslav (FYI, he is a highly-skilled lawyer) and he told me that the fact that EgoPay is based in Belize is an advantage for us as there considerably fewer transactions will be reported to the authorities (which is important for my U.S. and European) customers. Also, EgoPay customers can use it for tax optimization purposes as EgoPay will not report any trasactions within its system and customers will have an option to withdraw some earnings through exchangers and take the rest out into their Payza accounts and then to the bank accounts. I could tell you a lot more about EgoPay’s advantages, but I am afraid my newsletter would be way longer.

    I admit that you may be a little upset after reading this newsletter for the first time. But, read it one more time and you will see that this is really great news.

    Wishing you all the best!

    God Bless!

    There is some great information here. I will be posting this in “Ask the Admin” as well!

  24. Amanda says:

    Another payout:

    07/19/2012 06:46 103832996 U3508025 (Profitable S…) :)

  25. Amanda says:

    More $$$$:

    07/21/2012 00:44 104075605 U3508025 (Profitable S…)


  26. Deborah says:

    I am loving watching my balance grow by leaps and bounds every day. I love this one!

  27. Amanda says:

    …and more payouts:

    07/27/2012 00:45 104821684 U3508025 (Profitable S…)

    07/25/2012 00:45 104542497 U3508025 (Profitable S…)

  28. Deborah says:

    Terms of Service in Profitable Sunrise:

    Basic Terms

    Profitable Sunrise provides its services to its customers based on the following Terms of Service. Profitable Sunrise reserves the right to modify any of the terms below without prior notice. You are obliged to review these terms on a regular basis. By opening an account with Profitable Sunrise you agree to comply with and abide by the following terms of service.
    You have be at least 18 years of age to use our services. In some jurisdictions legal age may be different.
    Our services are available in all countries and jurisdictions of the world.
    You are obliged to enter valid and correct personal information at registration.
    You agree not to use your account with Profitable Sunrise for any illegal purposes or in any other way that may violate these Terms of Service.
    You confirm that as a customer of Profitable Sunrise you are not involved in any business related to alcohol, firearms, tobacco, gambling and abortion.
    You understand and fully accept the fact that all communication between you and Profitable Sunrise is absolutely confidential and cannot be disclosed to any third parties.
    You accept the fact that Profitable Sunrise bears no responsibility for the websites and the services provided there that you may have visited and used through the links found on our website and/or email communication between you and Profitable Sunrise.
    You understand and accept the fact that Profitable Sunrise is the sole owner of all intellectual property and rights regarding all the information contained on the website.
    Reproduction, distribution, modification, display or any other use of contents of this website is prohibited without written consent from Profitable Sunrise.
    You fully understand and accept the fact that our website may be temporarily unavailable during the technical maintenance. We announce all scheduled technical maintenance and downtimes in advance.

    Investment Accounts

    Starter Plan. The minimum investment is $10.00. Interest rate is 1.6% per business day. Investment term is 180 business days. Compounding is available. Principal amount is returned upon maturity.
    Regular Plan. The minimum investment is $500.00. Interest rate is 1.8% per business day. Investment term is 180 business days. Compounding is available. Principal amount is returned upon maturity.
    Advanced Plan. The minimum investment is $2,500.00. Interest rate is 2% per business day. Investment term is 180 business days. Compounding is available. Principal amount is returned upon maturity.
    Private Plan. This plan is available to groups only. All the details are discussed individually.
    Deposits and withdrawals are accepted through Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, SolidTrust Pay, EgoPay and Bank Wire Transfer. $10.00 is the minimum required for Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, SolidTrust Pay, EgoPay and Bank Wire Transfer deposits.
    We reserve the right to allocate any of the payment systems we work with as the withdrawal payment method for any account.
    We let our members negotiate the possibility of selection of the the withdrawal payment, but only for the amount that does not exceed the amount deposited through the system the member wants to use for withdrawal.
    We reserve the right to allocate the withdrawal payment method for the amount exceeding the deposited amount. This right is can not negotiable.
    0% commission is charged on bank wire transfer deposits.
    We do not provide refunds.
    The minimum withdrawal amount is $0.01 for Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money.
    The minimum withdrawal amount is $0.50 for SolidTrust Pay.
    The minimum withdrawal amount is $1.00 for EgoPay.
    The minimum withdrawal amount is $300.00 for Bank Wire Transfer.
    The bank wire transfer withdrawal fee is $35 or €35 depending on your account’s main currency.
    Allow for up to 5 business days for the bank wire transfer to reach the receipient’s account.
    All deposits are credited immediately after we receive them.
    Additional deposits can be made into any account and/or investment plans within an account without any limitations.
    Under the normal withdrawal option, all withdrawal requests are processed within 24 hours from the moment the request has been received.
    Under the fast withdrawal option, all withdrawal requests are processed within the next 60 minutes from the moment the request has been received.
    Only one main currency (USD or EURO) can be chosen per account.
    Daily interest is credited to your account at 7 a.m. of the time zone you have chosen in your account.
    3 time zones are available – UTC-8, UTC and UTC+8. You have to choose the time zone nearest to you.
    You can use up to 4 investment plans within one account with us.
    Compounding option is available to all accounts.
    Compounding option can be enabled and disabled at any time.
    Compounded interest is added to the account principal amount.
    Compounded interest is not available for withdrawal until the investment term of 180 business days is over.
    The investment term of any of the investment plans we offer (Starter, Regular, Advanced and Private) is 180 business days beginning from the date of the first investment into any of the investment plans in your Profitable Sunrise account. Additional deposits into the account under any investment plans do not change the duration of the investment term.
    Interest is paid on all business days except for the federal holidays in the United States of America.
    We observe the federal holidays of the United States of America.
    A 5% commission is paid on every deposit made by your downlines.
    Downline commissions are credited to the available balance and can be withdrawn any time.

    Account Safety

    You are obliged to use a random unique combination of symbols for your account with Profitable Sunrise.
    You are obliged not to use any of the passwords that you currently use with any of the accounts.
    You are obliged to install and update a firewall and an anti-virus program on your computer to assure the safety of your Profitable Sunrise account.
    You are obliged not to open any attachments in the emails that seem to come from us. We never send attachments in emails.
    You are obliged not to respond to emails that seem to come from us and ask you to provide your account details. You are asked to immediately report such emails to us.
    You are obliged to read all confirmation emails that come from us. In case you notice an error, you are asked to contact us immediately.

  29. Amanda says:

    More payouts from ProfitableSunrise:

    08/02/2012 00:45 105549903 U3508025 (Profitable S…)

    07/31/2012 00:46 105243222 U3508025 (Profitable S…)

  30. Deborah says:

    Something you might not know about Roman Novak is that he is an avid supporter of Charity works and loves to help people.
    Roman runs the company with his brother Radoslav Novak who is also a lawyer; and apart from the legal issues is responsible for the marketing. Ruth Ellington is the accountant. Nosuke Koyama is the technical expert responsible for the smooth operation of the website.

    According to the Founder, they have been doing this for over 6 years now and successfully lived through the stock market turmoil several years ago. Moreover, they have grown big and confident enough to start safely offering their services to private investors and companies.

    They provide short-term loans to numerous companies throughout the United States. This way they not only help those companies, but also help revitalize the national economy and create more jobs that are so desperately needed.

    Unfortunately, they cannot help every company, according to Roman, they have to make sure that they do not put investors’ money at excessive risk. In addition to that, he claims the investments are insured by a leading investment bank.

    But more importantly, Profitable Sunrise allocates a significant amount of their earnings to charity as there are so many people out there that need help.

    I like when investments include a vehicle, like charity, to the vision of the overall business model. I wish more of them did.

  31. Deborah says:

    Very impressed with the growth of my balance, makes it a pleasure to log in every single day….smiling here….

  32. Amanda says:

    I’m smiling too :)

    08/04/2012 00:45 105834452 U3508025 (Profitable S…)

  33. Amanda says:

    More payouts from Profitable Sunrise :)

    08/08/2012 05:02 106387251 U3508025 (Profitable S…)

    08/10/2012 06:45 106716332 U3508025 (Profitable S…)

  34. Amanda says:

    Paid again:

    08/17/2012 00:44 107668001 U3508025 (Profitable S…)

    08/14/2012 06:45 107241651 U3508025 (Profitable S…)

  35. Amanda says:

    I’ve made a 2nd deposit in this program! Need I say “I like it”? :)

  36. nanita says:

    Is the withdrawal daily in the private plan?

  37. Amanda says:

    @nanita: If you would like more information just contact me using this form:


  38. Amanda says:

    I have reached the Break Even Point on my first invest and am now in profit on that one…plus I have the 2nd investment, as well:

    08/27/2012 07:06 108071390 U3508025 (Profitable S…)


  39. Amanda says:

    I continue to be extremely happy with ProfitableSunrise:

    08/29/2012 06:45 108391286 U3508025 (Profitable S…)

    08/28/2012 06:46 108251186 U3508025 (Profitable S…)


  40. Amanda says:

    More payouts from Profitable Sunrise:

    09/01/2012 06:44 108751534 U3508025 (Profitable S…)

    08/31/2012 08:17 108645113 U3508025 (Profitable S…)

    08/30/2012 06:45 108515584 U3508025 (Profitable S…)

  41. Deborah says:

    Yippee I got my “seed” money out of Profitable Sunrise:

    Now I have profit only working for me and more peace of mind in the process. I love this one!

  42. Amanda says:

    Paid again:

    09/05/2012 00:44 109178835 U3508025 (Profitable S…)

  43. Amanda says:

    more payments:

    09/07/2012 07:01 109473738 U3508025 (Profitable S…)

    09/06/2012 00:44 109314801 U3508025 (Profitable S…)

  44. admin says:

    Join in this webinar for all you Q/A on Profitable Sunrise!! See you there tomorrow at 12 noon PST, 3PM EST!!! Click on link below and register!!

    Profitable Sunrise

    Join us for a webinar on Sep 10, 2012 at 12:00 PM PDT.

    Register now!

    Introduction to Profitable Sunrise and Q&A. Come join Chris and Clark in making some money.

    After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

  45. Amanda says:

    another payout:

    09/08/2012 06:44 109593821 U3508025 (Profitable S…)

  46. Amanda says:

    Paying every day…just like clockwork:

    09/15/2012 06:44 110451595 U3508025 (Profitable S…)

    09/13/2012 06:44 110175851 U3508025 (Profitable S…)

    09/12/2012 12:44 110079149 U3508025 (Profitable S…)

  47. John says:

    Sorry to have missed the webinar, just now found this website. Is there an email list to be placed on to receive webinar information?

    • Amanda says:

      @John. Once you have signed up at the ProfitableSunrise site you will be emails regarding the webinars, etc. I also do my best to post them here once I have received mine.

      Welcome to MoneyInsiderNews!

  48. Amanda says:

    Paid again:

    09/15/2012 06:44 110451595 U3508025 (Profitable S…)

    (don’t forget…if you signup for Profitable Sunrise and use my link I am a member of a private group so you receive a higher ROI)

  49. Amanda says:

    More profit payouts from Profitable Sunrise:

    09/21/2012 00:42 111217395 U3508025 (Profitable S…)

    09/20/2012 06:43 111095938 U3508025 (Profitable S…)

    09/19/2012 06:43 110946517 U3508025 (Profitable S…)

    09/18/2012 06:43 110800748 U3508025 (Profitable S…)


  50. Amanda says:

    Profit payouts from Profitable Sunrise:

    09/25/2012 06:45 111755231 U3508025 (Profitable S…)

    09/22/2012 00:42 111360270 U3508025 (Profitable S…)

  51. Amanda says:

    More profit payouts:

    STP Transaction id =272832489
    Comments = Regular Withdrawal ProfitableSunrise
    Date and Time = 27 Sep 2012 @02:45 AM

  52. Amanda says:

    I originally deposited using LR and reached my Break Even Point so imagine my surprise when I requested a withdrawal and it said only “STP” and “PM” were available????? Well, it seems that the Terms clarify this for us: Once you have received your original deposit back the Admin has the option to send all ROI withdraws to the processor of his choice — in this case “STP” and “PM” :(

    • kk says:

      I am looking into Profitable sunrise and read your comment above. I looked for it in the terms but could not locate it. Can you please help me


      • Amanda says:


        I apologize for the delay (I’ve been away for a day or two over the Holiday).

        Here is the link for their “Terms of Service”:

        This is what is stated, in part, regarding “Investment Accounts”

        We reserve the right to allocate any of the payment systems we work with as the withdrawal payment method for any account.

        We let our members negotiate the possibility of selection of the the withdrawal payment, but only for the amount that does not exceed the amount deposited through the system the member wants to use for withdrawal.

        We reserve the right to allocate the withdrawal payment method for the amount exceeding the deposited amount. This right is can not negotiable.

        It is there…you just have to search to find it :)


  53. Amanda says:

    My withdrawal which I requested thru PM:

    10:14 03.10.12 Receive USD from account U1201296 to account U2387187. Batch: 12190316. Memo: API Payment. Profitable Sunrise – Withdrawal Request.

  54. Amanda says:

    More profit from Profitable Sunrise :)

    10:15 06.10.12 Received USD from account U1201296 to account U2387187. Batch: 12279041. Memo: API Payment. Profitable Sunrise – Withdrawal Request.

    10:14 05.10.12 Received USD from account U1201296 to account U2387187. Batch: 12249686. Memo: API Payment. Profitable Sunrise – Withdrawal Request.

  55. Amanda says:

    I’ve been paid again by Profitable Sunrise:

    22:17 11.10.12 Received Payment USD from account U1201296 to account U2387187. Batch: 12441497. Memo: API Payment. Profitable Sunrise – Withdrawal Request.

  56. Kristin says:

    This is one of the most transparent companies I have ever joined. They are upfront and responsive to all your questions. Being in the private/group plan is simply
    the best route to go because it is the most profitable. A real business with tremedous growth.
    It doesn’t get better than Profit Sunrise

    (affiliate link removed)

  57. Amanda says:

    More profit from ProfitableSunrise:

    10:18 16.10.12 Received Payment USD from account U1201296 to account U2387187. Batch: 12562721. Memo: API Payment. Profitable Sunrise – Withdrawal Request.

  58. Kent Brown says:

    Absolutely incredible….I have been paid every single dime every single day without hesitations. The most amazing, incredible deal I’ve found yet. Beats anything I’ve seen. Totally more than satisfied.

  59. Amanda says:

    Paid again!

    20.10.12 10:19 Received Payment USD from account U1201296 to account U2387187. Batch: 12716591. Memo: API Payment. Profitable Sunrise – Withdrawal Request.

    24.10.12 04:21 Received Payment USD from account U1201296 to account U2387187. Batch: 12824022. Memo: API Payment. Profitable Sunrise – Withdrawal Request.


  60. David says:

    Glad I found your site. I am considering a position in a private group with this company. I know you do not have a crystal ball, but, could you give me your take on how you feel about the longevity of profitable sunrise.
    Or…with your knowledge, what is the average life of a HYIP?

    Warm Regards

    • Amanda says:

      @David. My crystal ball is not familiar with HYIP, unfortunately…lol

      From my posts you can see I am a member of ProfitableSunrise and in a private group, as well. I love them because I am paid each and every day with no problem! One unknown, there is no communication from the Admin…I mean you just never hear a word — just sends your money. What puts you in a bad position is the fact we are looking at the end of the year and we are probably all wondering if they will make it over that hurdle. Unfortunately, there is no answer and only time will tell. Hypothetically, if it were me, I might make a “small” investment now (and I mean small with those funds set aside for high-risk ventures) and coast through the end of the year, Remember, you are looking at 88 Calendar Days just to reach the Break Even Point — although the Private Group offers a little higher ROI so that time would be a little less.

      I’ll end by saying I DO have communication with “those in the know” (well, they do speak with Roman personally) and he has plans for a very long program — which may even result in limiting membership at some point. You may or may not know but many believe this to be a “real” business even though it was introduced in HYIP. Whether that is a fact or not I cannot tell you…I do not know.

      All my best to you and hope this helps you, at least a little.

      Note: With ProfitableSunrise having an original launch date of November 11, 2011 they have already surpassed the normal HYIP by far. They have entered the area of “legend” in HYIP. :)

  61. SEO says:

    I am going to check this out as I have not come across any negative comments to-date and a friend of mine is being paid out daily.

    • admin says:

      I have been paid everyday, on time, for several months with never a problem. Perhaps the only thing you might not like is the fact there isn’t much direct communication with members from the Admin,

  62. Amanda says:

    Amazing Program:

    02:08 01.11.12 Received Payment from account U1201296 to account U2387187. Batch: 13053976. Memo: API Payment. Profitable Sunrise – Withdrawal Request.

    05:08 31.10.12 Received Payment from account U1201296 to account U2387187. Batch: 13027158. Memo: API Payment. Profitable Sunrise – Withdrawal Request.

    08:08 30.10.12 Received Payment from account U1201296 to account U2387187. Batch: 12998403. Memo: API Payment. Profitable Sunrise – Withdrawal Request.

  63. Amanda says:

    Paid, as always:

    03:10 07.11.12 Received Payment from account U1201296 to account U2387187. Batch: 13260258. Memo: API Payment. Profitable Sunrise – Withdrawal Request.


  64. Lydia S says:

    Hello Amanda,
    So, if it is not to late to invest (I had high hopes with PipsFund,and I thought I will reach my
    break even point, unfortunately this did not happen), what is your referral link.
    Thanks, I hope I had known about this group sooner.

    • admin says:

      @Lydia. I wish you had too. ProfitableSunrise has been great, however, you must remember they have now been around for one full year. Also, the Break Even Point on the Starter Plan is 88 Calendar Days and 79 on the Regular Plan. Taking all of this into account, if you still want to invest in ProfitableSunrise you will find my link following the “Visit Site:” immediately under the Alexa Chart in my review.

      Please consider everything carefully and all my best to you :)

  65. Amanda says:

    More payouts:

    09:41 09.11.12 Received Payment from account U1201296 to account U2387187. Batch: 13344795. Memo: API Payment. Profitable Sunrise – Withdrawal Request.

    07:13 14.11.12 Received Payment from account U1201296 to account U2387187. Batch: 13493914. Memo: API Payment. Profitable Sunrise – Withdrawal Request.

  66. Smarty says:

    Hi there

    I’ve been a member for almost a year now and there hasn’t been one problem with payments. Roman Novak also always replies to support tickets personally. The challenge for any Internet company with successful launch, initial growth and fast growth periods is how to sustain success. We’ll just have to wait and see if PS can do this. Personally I’ll feel relieved if they can somehow control new membership as everybody with a bit of logic can see that when the news spread that a company is well managed, everybody would like to jump on the wagon and make money. I agree that it might be wise for newcomers to invest a small amount now, to get a “foot in the door”, but wait till there is more proof about sustained development before investing higher amounts.

  67. Amanda says:

    I apologize for the delay in posting Smarty’s comment, however, I have been away from my computer for two days (which is extremely unusual).

    On the positive side, I definitely agree with Smarty…and you all know I have PerfectSunrise listed as a “Top Performer” where they will hopefully remain for a long time.

    Just remember, should you decide to join using my link or a link that has been given to you, make sure they are members of the Private Plan. Then, you will have the advantage of being in a “Group Plan”. I check for new members often in my “downline” but if you don’t see the “Private Plan” listed in your PS backoffice please send me a message using the “Contact Us” form.

  68. admin says:

    A Thanksgiving greeting from Roman Novak, Founder, ProfitableSunrise:

    Good Day!

    Thanksgiving is a special day for all of us.

    As much as we enjoy Thanksgiving for the dinner, festivities and great time with our loved ones, we must also rejoice for our good fortunes. So, have fun with your family this thanksgiving, but don’t forget to thank Him.

    Thanksgiving is not only about being grateful to Him for what He has blessed us with, it’s about helping the less fortunate so that even they can have reasons to be thankful.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!

  69. Amanda says:

    You are all aware that ProfitableSunrise has been very good to me for quite a long time…and it continues to be.

    There is one negative with ProfitableSunrise that has come into play recently and I want all of you to be aware of this unusual point. You can find this in their “Terms of Service” and it reads, in part:

    “We reserve the right to allocate any of the payment systems we work with as the withdrawal payment method for any account.

    We let our members negotiate the possibility of selection of the the withdrawal payment, but only for the amount that does not exceed the amount deposited through the system the member wants to use for withdrawal.

    We reserve the right to allocate the withdrawal payment method for the amount exceeding the deposited amount. This right is can not negotiable.”

    Now, just what does that mean? Simply put:

    1. You will receive your withdrawal requests to the same PP you deposited with until you have reached your Break Even Point (the point where your withdrawals equal your original deposit).

    2. Each withdrawal request after that point allows the member to request a withdrawal to the PP they choose, HOWEVER, this PP may not be available. You will receive immediate notification of the payment processors available when you request your withdrawal.

    3. The payment processor choices are totally up to the admin and are non-negotiable.

    If you are limited to only one or two payments processors this may NOT be the program for you.

    I originally requested Liberty Reserve…that ended and I chose Perfect Money and have been paid to that PP for quite some time, HOWEVER, my last withdrawal request gave me only the STP or EgoPay option. Honestly, I don’t really use or care for either of them but I have no choice in the matter — I’m stuck with them.

    Please take this into consideration when looking at ProfitableSunrise.

  70. Amanda says:

    Withdrawal sent to STP:

    Transaction ID =273315633
    Comments = Regular Withdrawal ProfitableSunrise
    Date and Time = 24 Nov 2012 @00:00 AM

  71. Amanda says:

    Another withdrawal to STP:

    Transaction ID =273357489
    Comments = ProfitableSunrise
    Date and Time = 28 Nov 2012 @20:30 PM


  72. Ty Anderson says:

    Question, eventually won’t deposits be far more than loans? There will have to be a restructuring of the amount we make.
    Who has future insight into Profitable Sunrise?

    • Deborah says:

      No, Roman is well connected and has been in business for many many years, so has accounts set up globally. He is expanding his accounts as well.

      • Deborah says:

        He will likely cut off new membership at a certain time as well to contain growth. For now things are operating seamlessly. Customer support is fantastic as well.

  73. Deborah says:

    Hello gang,

    I am withdrawing monthly now out of Profitable Sunrise. I am so freaking happy to get monthly income. Sorry I have not been around for a long time. I put in $300, compounded, took out seed, compounded and now am taking out STP and bank wire. I like both for different reasons.


  74. Deborah says:

    Here is a recent one:

    STP transfer
    245.93 USD
    21 Nov 2012

  75. Deborah says:

    Here is more information on the Long Haul. Until Easter it is 2.7% daily, then 2.35% thereafter.

    What is Long Haul?

    This is a unique time-limited investment plan that any customer of Profitable Sunrise can invest into from November 1, 2012 till March 1, 2013. The plan is designed for 240 business days from the first deposit. The interest rate this plan pays is 2.7% and the 100% compounding rate is a mandatory during the entire plan. Half of the account principal accumulated in the every Long Haul account principal will be available for withdrawal in the week before Easter 2013. This is what we call Easter Gift.
    What is the minimum deposit required to get started with the Long Haul? What are the payment options?

    It is $500.00. Group members can make deposits through bank wire transfers and from the existing account principals in other plans. Regular customers can make deposits only through bank wire. E-currency deposits are not accepted in the Long Haul plan.
    Can I add more money to the Long Haul?

    Yes, you can do so any time.
    Why did you add the Long Haul to the list of your investment plans?

    It is no secret that most of our investors are interested in the long-term investments, so we have come up with this unique offer.
    Can I have both Long Haul and regular plans in my account?

    Yes, you can use the Long Haul and any other investment plans in your Profitable Sunrise account.
    Who can sign up for the Long Haul?

    The Long Haul plan is available to absolutely all Profitable Sunrise customers, both existing and new.
    Can I switch the 100% compounding off in the Long Haul?

    You can do this only after the investment term of 240 business days is over.
    What is Easter Gift?

    It is a special option which lets every customer using the Long Haul withdraw half of the accumulated account principal during the Easter week.
    What is the ‘Gift’ button for?

    It is a special option that lets you send money from your available balance to the ‘Gift Balance’ of any other customer in Profitable Sunrise.
    What is Easter Gift?

    Gift Balance is the special balance that shows the money sent to you by other customers in Profitable Sunrise. The money in your ‘Gift Balance’ can only be deposited into your account principal. To do this, you need to click ‘Deposit’, then choose the plan you want, click ‘Gift Balance’, enter the amount and click ‘Proceed’.

  76. Deborah says:

    I am in a private account which I am making monthly income, remember I put in $300 originally, a lot for some not for others. I am also in the Long Haul. My son has less money in his account but has those two working for him as well.

    It makes perfect sense for Roman Novak to do this strategy and offer a higher return to lock in those funds that he can count on and will also help with the longevity of the business.


  77. Deborah says:

    Read the FAQ for all details

  78. Dennis says:

    So so happy with the results so far…!!!! Mr.Novak thank you sir , please keep up the great work..
    We are truly blessed, to have PS in our lives ..

  79. Ty Anderson says:


    Are you personally in contact with Roman? Is there any empiracal evidence of loans? I am in for 1700 dollars. I and most others cannot assume that it COULD be another intelligent Ponzi.

    • Smarty says:

      The new Long Haul plan makes me cautious: how would the company be able to pay all those compounded interest by March? Today my interest has been late and I’m still waiting, also for a withdrawal which usually takes no more than 30 minutes. So, the traffic seemms to be increasing… Had a reply from RN saying that there is only a slight delay. So…

  80. Margaret says:

    I usually get the withdrawals within a couple of hours … today it’s been ALL day … to STP … We’ll see if it is posted tomorrow.

  81. Deborah says:

    I suspect that maybe 5% of HYIP’s are real businesses out there. I do think this is one. I am always concerned with moving large sums in one chunk, banking laws being what they are since 911.
    The Long Haul is better for Roman in terms of securing funds on his end for his loan program. It is good for us in terms of returns. The Easter gift once payout happens, will tell us more of the truth about PS.
    That being said, I prefer the private plan over all.

    My STP have been only minutes to transfer. Bank wire about 4 business days.

    12/17/12 INCOMING WIRE CREDIT $634.42

  82. liz says:

    Might be a silly question, but how does the compounding work? Could you explain the pros and cons?
    Saw that is mandatory for the long-haul.


    • john says:

      Compounding pertains to interest that is added to the principal, so that, from that moment on, the interest that has been added also earns interest.

  83. John says:

    Happy with the results… Have a Profitable Sunrise everyone…

  84. boostbiz says:

    great program ! so far so good

  85. boostbiz says:

    gret program ! so far so good
    i will invest more by january 2013

  86. Amanda says:

    In case you were interested in the Payment Processor option Perfect Sunrise exercises I have given the link and a partial quote below:

    Here is the link for their “Terms of Service”:

    This is what is stated, in part, regarding “Investment Accounts” withdrawal options:

    We reserve the right to allocate any of the payment systems we work with as the withdrawal payment method for any account.

    We let our members negotiate the possibility of selection of the the withdrawal payment, but only for the amount that does not exceed the amount deposited through the system the member wants to use for withdrawal.

    We reserve the right to allocate the withdrawal payment method for the amount exceeding the deposited amount. This right is can not negotiable.

    It is there…you just have to search to find it :)


  87. Amanda says:

    Newsletter from Profitable Sunrise:

    My Dear Friends,

    A quick message to inform you about a few minor changes in our Holiday Season schedule that you must be aware of when using your Profitable Sunrise accounts.

    My team has been working really hard this year and I am sure you have noticed this. So, I have decided to give them a well-deserved break this weekend which will start on Saturday, December 29, 2012, and extend until Tuesday, January 1, 2013.

    Due to this, we will only be responding to emails that require urgent attention. All general, technical and account related inquiries will be ignored until Wednesday, January 2, 2013. Please refrain from emailing us during this period unless it is an utter necessity.

    It is also important to remind you that we will not be making interest payments on Monday, December 31, 2012 and Tuesday, January 1, 2013.

    Thank you for your understanding. My team once again wishes You and Your Families a very Happy Holiday Season!

    Remain Blessed!

  88. Deborah says:

    7 December 27, 2012, 10:13 am Solid Trust Pay Withdrawal $136.00 273646046

    3 December 28, 2012, 07:22 am Wire Transfer Withdrawal $666.56 Processed

    Profitable Sunrise is steady and wonderful.


  89. CHIMAERA says:


    I got an invitation from a person who is a member of a group. He explained how this program works. I have a question but I don’t want to ask it to him for some reasons.

    Say I put in $500 under a private plan. After 160 days I put in another $500 to my account, will my initial capital be considered as $1000?

    My other question is about withdrawal. Can I leave the compounding off in private plan and withdraw the daily interest?

    Thank you very much.

    • Amanda says:

      @Chimaera. I can answer part of your question :)

      Yes, you can leave the compounding off in private plan and withdraw the daily interest.

      For other questions regarding the “private plan” you must ask the person who sent you the invitation. This can only be explained privately by your sponsor.

  90. Ricky says:

    Hi there,

    I’m still doing my Do Diligence about Profitable Sunrise.

    Is there anyone out there has any problems with PS so far? What about withdrawal requests? Do you think the Long Haul (Easter Gift) is a good investment to go for?

    Your feedback is deeply appreciated.

    Thank you. Ricky

  91. Phil says:

    I heard on a forum that Profitable Sunrise has not yet made any Monday interest payments and with no word about what is going on.
    Is there any truth to this?

    • Amanda says:

      @Phil. I cannot find any problems with Profitable Sunrise…hmmmmm. I haven’t posted my payouts recently but I don’t request them all the time. (I wonder if they meant newGNI — they are a bit questionable right now).

      If anyone has a problem with Profitable Sunrise please let us know.

    • John says:

      I was paid of my Monday interest.

  92. Amanda says:

    @Phil. Just minutes after my previous reply I went to Profitable Sunrise and requested a withdrawal. I received the payout within 1 hour

    Transaction ID =273744622
    Comments = Regular Withdrawal
    Date and Time = 08 Jan 2013 @00:30 AM


    • Phil says:

      Amanda the problem was with the daily interest payments and not with withdrawals.
      The problem though has now resolved itself and the consensus of people posting on the forum is that it was a technical glitch due to server issues which caused a delay with some Monday interest payments.

  93. Phil says:

    Amanda the problem was with the daily interest payments and not with withdrawals.
    The problem though has now resolved itself and the consensus of people posting on the forum is that it was a technical glitch due to server issues which caused a delay with some Monday interest payments.

  94. Smarty says:

    There was a server update on Jan 5 and payments early yesterday seem to have been late. I received mine on-time later yesterday.

  95. Francisco Freitas says:

    I received my first payout with no problem

  96. Deborah says:

    Do you think the Long Haul (Easter Gift) is a good investment to go for?

    I think the Long Haul pays well and I look at it as a kind of enforced saving account. That in addition to the other plan is a wise financial decision in my book.

    2.7% until Easter and 2.35% thereafter is a great return.

    A combination of accounts is a great plan.


  97. gdmark says:

    I am part of this program for a few month now under the private plan – no complains at all. Made my first withdrawal a few days ago and got the money in my STP account within 25 minutes.

    • Amanda says:

      @gdmark. That’s what we want to hear — thank you for posting. :)

    • RStorm says:

      Curious to know if it was a large withdrawal… haven’t seen anyone pull out large amounts…

      • Amanda says:

        @RStorm. You need to read forward a bit…this has been answered over and over again.

      • Gerhard says:

        My first WD was only a small amount to test the process. From what I see on previous posts, there are a couple of WD of $600+

        Also, I talked to one person that has $21,000 invested and he is “VERY” happy with the program.

        Again, so far I am a happy camper with PS and I am promoting it wherever I can.

  98. esther says:

    hi everyone, just new to PS
    is there any working number OR ADDRESS to PS?

    • Amanda says:

      @esther. I hope you are in a Private Plan… you should contact your Upline for information regarding PS. I don’t want to “step on anyone’s toes”.

      • boostbiz says:

        Hello dear !welcome on board
        has been 3 months now in PS, nothing bad to say about them .
        Here is my interest as of today

        Good Day,

        We are happy to inform you that a new daily interest payment has been made.

        The interest amount – USD126.92

        Investment plan – Private

        The interest has been added to the principal amount.

        We are doing our best to safely increase your savings and make you a happier

        We are here to help you with anything and provide answers to all of the
        questions you may have.

        Have a Blessed Day,

        Roman Novak,
        Profitable Sunrise

  99. boostbiz says:

    here is also my withdraw requested this morning

    Good Day,

    We confirm that we have completed your request for withdrawal of funds from your account.

    The amount you requested is USD106.00, payment method is SolidTrust Pay, transaction batch number is 273819028

    We are doing our best to safely increase your savings and make you a happier person.

    We are here to help you with anything and provide answers to all of the questions you may have.

    Have a Blessed Day,

    Roman Novak,
    Profitable Sunrise

  100. boostbiz says:

    only took me 20 to 25 minutes to get the money on my stp account .
    i am lovin it
    Good luck everyone

  101. boostbiz says:

    I am in the private plan (edited) best plan ever
    you don’t need downline to make money , i only have 2 downlines and they only isvested betwen 100 to 200 .
    fast withdraw ,i started with $100 and later on add more money , i wish i started with more ,but of course we all had to try it out to see how it was going to work , but it didn’t tak eme long to deposit more .
    now i am chilling , in 2 more wks i will get all my principal back .

    • Amanda says:

      @boostbiz. Thank you for sharing your experience. ProfitableSunrise is the best.

      (I had to edit the ROI from your comments — that information is for members of the Private Plan only) :)

  102. Alex says:

    Hello everyone,

    I am new here and have not even wired my first deposit yet. But i am looking forward to do so in the next day or so. So far I am encouraged by all the positive feedback I have been reading so far. I will be sure to post my progress and experience as they occure.
    By the way, I am part of a private plan and looking forward to prosper… :)

  103. admin says:

    I requested a withdrawal approximately 15 minutes ago…I cannot believe it but it’s already done. What an amazing program:

    Transaction ID =273826588
    Comments = Regular Withdrawal Profitable Sunrise
    Date and Time = 16 Jan 2013 @00:01 AM


  104. Paul says:

    The amount you requested is USD26.92, payment method is SolidTrust Pay, transaction batch number is 273828738

    this ook 13 minutes to hit my account

  105. Nathan says:

    Can anyone show tangible proof that they are recieving money? I am prepared to invest but need to see proof that it is worth it. Please feel free to submit a screenshot of any deposits to account to verify. Feel free to block out any protected info.

    • admin says:

      @Nathan. You can see many posts giving transaction numbers…that should be proof enough. Also, feel free to use the Forum links supplied in the review. You should check with your sponsor (upline) for any more information…I’m sure they can supply that for you.

  106. Alex says:

    I have a question for the veterans.

    Is Solid Trust Pay like a bank account that you keep your funds in when you request withdraw from PS? Or is it a wrire transfer company that transfers money straight to your account?

    • Amanda says:

      SolidTrust Pay is an online (virtual) payment provider that offers a safe and secure method to make payments and/or receive payments. They may also be referred to as an ecurrency or online payment processor.

      Most investors do not “keep” funds in STP — instead you “withdraw” your funds from PS (or the program of your choice). STP is NOT a bank and can be referred to as an eWallet…where you can conveniently transfer funds for paying bills or funding HYI programs, etc. You can even transfer to other STP members. They offer the following options for withdrawal of your STP funds:

      “SolidTrust Pay offers several options to withdraw money from your account. Once SolidTurst Pay verifies your account, you may transfer funds by business check, wire funds to your bank account or transfer funds to a SolidTrust Pay Visa debit card. The application process involves verification of your identity or your business’s identity and requires that you provide by fax copies of supporting documents, such as a government-issued ID, utility bills, bank statements and business registration documents.”

      Most investors keep small amounts available in STP for investing or paying online bills, however, most do not leave large amounts sitting in any payment processor and withdraw using the options listed above (there are fees associated with each deposit and withdrawal request).

  107. Johnny says:

    Hi, I also joined PS today via an upline. I have one question though, I see that many people withdraw money to their STP account. Can this also be done via you’re bank account immediately? And without any costs related to it?

    Thx in advance

    • Amanda says:

      @Johnny. Welcome to MoneyInsiderNews.

      Yes, you can use bankwire for deposit although they do not recommend using this service for deposits below $300 because of the fees incurred. You can also withdraw using bankwire but the same circumstances exist…because of the fees incurred you would want to request withdrawal for larger amounts only. You can discuss this in more detail with your upline (sponsor) if you are in a private plan or by using the support feature if you are in a standard plan.

  108. Alex says:

    Good news, as the newbee here, my first wire deposit into PS posted with bonus!!! Got my wire trasnfer fee deposited. So fare so good!!! :-)

  109. Dennis says:

    What a great start to 2013 ….. I have done 3 bank wires since Christmas , hits my bank in 3-5 business days like clock work……Profitable Sunrise is truly a blessing in my life , and I thank God everyday for this program …..

  110. Alex says:

    It is great to see a system work, finally something we can depend on…PS rules!!!

  111. esther says:

    Hi everyone, i have noticed that there is a delay with monday payments.

  112. sajan says:


    Please let me know how compounding works. If Possible give me an example.

    • Amanda says:

      @sajan. Compounding isn’t complicated but it IS a little hard to explain. Just remember there are so many variables because of the % of compounding chosen it would be impossible to give examples of all of them. You may want to use a HYIP Calculator (Google one)…that should help.

      Compounding in HYIP:

      You are asking the program to automatically re-invest a percentage (you set the %) of your daily (or weekly, etc) payouts back into your “active investment”. Each program that offers compounding will give you the compounding % options available, usually the range is 0 to 100%. The first thing you MUST look for is the option to “disable (turn off)” compounding at any time otherwise you will be “locked” in for the entire length of your investment (70, 80, 120, 240 days…whatever the length of the program Term is).

      On paper Compounding will yield a huge growth of your active principal investment HOWEVER you cannot withdraw this principal until completion of the plan.

      I’ll take a $100 initial investment paying 1% per business day for 180 business days and use that as an example:

      With 0 Compounding you would receive ROI of $1.00 per business day resulting in Accumulated Profit Over 252 Days would be $180.00 + return of your Original investment of $100 resulting in a total return of $280.00 at the end of 252 Calendar Days. You would have reached the Break Even Point ($100) on day 140. In this case you would withdraw your Daily ROI and hopefully continued to complete the plan .

      Yes, it depends on how much you want to earn…and, although there is NO safe way to invest in HYIPs, this would be the most used option.

      Now we will look at 100% Compounding.
      You will be “locking in” your original investment plus reinvesting your daily ROI and cannot withdraw anything for 180 Business Days (252 Calendar Days). So your 1% ROI on day one is added to your original investment giving you $101 investment X 1% on day two, etc. At the end of the 180 Business day term you would have:

      Accumulated Profit Over 180 Business Days (252 Calendar Days) Compounded at 100% = $499.50 PLUS the addition of your original Principal investment of $100.00 giving you a total of $599.50

      If you had invested $100 @ 100% Compounding on 01/25/2013 your total would be locked in and wouldn’t be available until 10/04/2013.

      There are many options available when using the Compound feature…i.e. using a smaller Compound %, choosing not to compound until you have reached the Break Even Point and then setting your desired Compounding % or even changing the amount of Compounding % during the term of the plan.

      I CANNOT give advice, only information and the choice is yours.

      Since you have made this Comment in the ProfitableSunrise thread you may be looking at the “Long Haul” Plan. In that instance you must have a minimum investment of $500.00 and the entire amount is “LOCKED” at 100% Compound for the duration of the Plan.

      I hope this helps you with your decision.

  113. Melvin says:

    The explanation of HOW Profitable Sunrise makes money so that they can pay us is that they charge a higher % for the loans that they make than the plans that they have pays.
    Does anyone know specifically if the % charged on the loans is calculated at Compound Interest? i have never heard this clarified by Roman on any of the calls that he has done with Private Group Leaders.

  114. Alex says:

    If anyone interested in calulating your profit on compounded daily interest,I found a web site with compounding calculator. Check it out: I use this one a lot.

  115. Alex B says:


    You seem to be in the know, do you know if there will ever bee some kind of gathering for all the members where perhaps Mr. Novak himself would be the main speaker to perhaps give us some insight as to the future of PS, or introducing new changes or news (good news of course). This would be interesting to have all memebers under one roof…

    • Amanda says:

      @Alex. Contrary to popular thinking, I am NOT in the know. I did read the FAQs which say something to the effect you can become a Regional Representation and be invited to a live meeting. I then contacted my “Group Leader” and asked your question and the answer was “No”…not for all members. The meeting will be by “invitation only”, only those personally invited will know when and where.

  116. Alex says:

    Thank you for responding to my question Amanda.

  117. ken00 says:

    hi i am new here i want to try it and made a $30 and set it compound and i am keeping my fingers cross about this hopefully like you i will find success here

  118. charlie says:

    I was wondering whether or not you have the ability to transfer funds from the starter, regular, or advanced plan to the long haul plan. Do I contact customer support for that? Or would I have to withdraw my profits from the started, regular, or avanced plan and redeposit them?

    • Amanda says:

      @charlie. If you look in your backoffice under “Account Balance” — “Transactions” you can see the options available. One of the Transactions you can choose is “reinvest” where you can take the funds from your Account Balance (profits) and reinvest in another plan. The only problem would be the minimum of $500 necessary for the Long Haul.

      As far as transferring funds from other plans you would need to send a ticket…although I doubt that would be possible.

  119. Amy says:

    Do you think at some point if you have a large excess of cash that they will take it and run or?? My husband and I have a small investment in this to try it out. So far no troubles, I am just worried.. Simply because it does seem so good to be true. Do you really think that by the end of this it is possible to have over 10,000 coming back to you for a small investment? Seems crazy to me!

    • Amanda says:

      @Amy. HYIP programs do not usually target a single large investor and run with only those funds…sooner or later ALL programs run with ALL available funds. No matter how great the program appears you can be sure they will disappear — we just don’t know when. That is why many investors withdraw their daily ROI until they have reached the Break Even Point…now they can’t lose. From that point on they can compound all, compound a portion or simply continue with the regular daily return because they are playing with profit.

      I feel the same way you do, Amy, regarding the unbelievable returns when compounding is used. I have talked with those who swear they HAVE received very large payouts upon completion of a plan…although I don’t compound so I have never personally received them. You have to be a very disciplined investor or just a gambler to “lock in” your funds for long periods of time. That is why you should only use funds you can afford to lose.

      I think you just have to find your own personal “comfort zone”.

  120. Francisco says:

    Hi Amanda, What about payments? Have you received any? How long does it take?

  121. Bryce Russell says:

    Thanks to Amy for her question and to Amanda for the answer. I too have concerns about the rate of return and the duration of this program. The saying “if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is” has been foremost in my mind.

  122. boostbiz says:

    Hello dear !
    How do i change my password? it doesn’t seem like it’s possibel to change your password? if so where to go?

    • Amanda says:

      @boostbiz. Yes, you can. This is from the FAQs:

      Can I change the password to my account? How can I do it?

      You can do this any time. To change your account password, you need to log into your account and change your password through the account settings.

      To find your “Account Settings” log into your account…look at the top right hand side where you can select “Settings”. It will take you to the proper place.

      Hope this helps! If you have a problem just send a ticket which is under “Contact Us” right under the Account Settings section.

  123. charlie says:

    I would like to know if there are any issues with a larger sum of money. I have seen several videos and blogs confirming successful withdrawals of about $2.00. What about $100? What about $1,000? What about $10,000 or more?

  124. Smarty says:

    Perhaps one should wait till after the Long Haul has expired to invest larger sums. The company’s fax number is currently not working.

  125. Deborah says:

    187 December 28, 2012, 07:22 am Wire Transfer Withdrawal $666.56 Processed

    This was my last larger withdrawal before deciding to compound in January and February.

    Some of my friend’s contracts have completed and they have withdrawn successfully at least $5000 and are reinvesting $5000 into another 170 day cycle. So many have or are soon to complete the first contract cycle.

    No worries. Roman is still in a growth period with his loan business.


  126. Deborah says:

    I would suggest, if possible to begin with a $300 deposit by bank wire. Then when you account gets to where you want to make a withdrawal, you can easily make that request. If you begin by payment processor, you will likely have to be paid out that way too.
    STP does not do ACH nor load your credit card and the fees to bank wire from STP into your bank account can be outrageous, up to 20% of your balance. Some countries do not allow the use of a STP card as well.
    So make sure how you want to move forward. In the terms of service, PS reserves the right to withdraw funds as they see fit. All of that is in your back office.
    Deposits and withdrawals are accepted through Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, SolidTrust Pay, EgoPay and Bank Wire Transfer. $10.00 is the minimum required for Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, SolidTrust Pay, EgoPay and Bank Wire Transfer deposits.
    We reserve the right to allocate any of the payment systems we work with as the withdrawal payment method for any account.
    We let our members negotiate the possibility of selection of the the withdrawal payment, but only for the amount that does not exceed the amount deposited through the system the member wants to use for withdrawal.
    We reserve the right to allocate the withdrawal payment method for the amount exceeding the deposited amount. This right is can not negotiable.

    • Oliver says:

      Sorry may I ask how do you withdraw through bank wire? What are the steps needed?

      • Amanda says:

        @Oliver. According to the FAQs you must meet the following requirements:

        What’s the minimum amount for a bank wire transfer withdrawal?

        The minimum amount is $300.00 or €300.00. Please be advised that a bank wire transfer fee of $35.00 (or €35.00) will be charged on every bank wire transfer withdrawal. It means that your available balance must have at least $335.00 or €335.00 in order to submit a bank wire transfer withdrawal request.

        I have submitted a bank wire transfer withdrawal request. When can I expect the money to reach my account?

        Please allow for up to 5 business days from the date you have placed the withdrawal request.

        If you have entered your “Bank” information in your backoffice the option will be available under the “Withdrawal” options.

        Hope that helps!

  127. charlie says:

    I have heard some mixed reviews about profitable sunrise. Some say that the company should be around for a minimum of 4 more years. Others seem like the are scared that profitable sunrise is going to vanish and disappear in the near future. Who should I believe? I am looking to make a large investment with profitable sunrise and just want to make sure it is a company I can rely on to be there for the long term. I dont want to lose all my money if the company decides to just pack it bags one day and walk away.

    • Amanda says:

      @charlie. I feel like someone is attempting to “bait” me into advice or a recommendation…that will NOT happen. There is only one “sure thing” and that is: every program ever introduced in the HYIP arena has sooner or later “packed its bags and walked away”…period.

      There are no Guarantees in HYIP and they should actually be named HRIP — High Risk Investment Programs.

  128. Mike says:

    I have heard Roman specifically say in a conference call that PS is not HYIP. If loans are being transacted the way it is described, then that indeed is the case. THe longevity of PS appears to be dependent on the demand for short-term business loans.

  129. charlie says:

    What do they mean on the site by no stacking? What does that mean?

    • admin says:

      @charlie. There are some people that create multiple accounts and then signup under themselves in order to collect referral commission from their own deposits. Program admin who find this will lock your account and keep all of your deposits if they find you doing that.

  130. Marc says:

    Can you please clarify how the referral program pays out? If I refer someone and he puts in $100 to start, I get $5. If that same friend decides to put in more money the following week or the next month, let’s say $1,000, do I get $50 referral bonus into my account or was the referral only on the initial depsosit. If this same friend earns a lot off his initial deposit and keeps re-investing his earnings, do I get any referral bonus from that? How does this really work in this regard? Thanks in advance for your help.

    • Amanda says:

      @Marc. If you are referring to Profitable Sunrise and are a member of a Private Group you should check with your Group Leader since Private Group may be different.

      With other HYIPs Referral Commission is usually paid only on new deposits received from your referral’s payment processor — in other words, only on “new” money brought into an account. You would not receive commission on re-investments. You need to read the FAQs for each individual program…look at the section that pertains to “Affiliates”, “Referrals” or something like “Appreciation Program”. Each program can be a little different — for some you must have a personal deposit (minimum) in order to receive commission but MOST do not require you to deposit in order to bring in referrals and earn.

  131. Dennis says:

    To all the new people joining….. I have been withdrawing my monies for over 55 straight days now, without a problem !!! ( knock on wood )
    I have revived my original investment back , and then some !!! And my original deposit was a substantial one $$$$$ .!!!. Now my compound is on and Im playing with the ( houses monies ).. PS has been a blessing from up above……..I thank God everyday that PS came into my life!! You need to believe in Roman , and share this program with the people who needs it the most….And remember with Risk Comes Reward….. Go big or go home !!!!!!! God Bless

  132. eghan says:

    pls is PS going to be there for five years

    • Amanda says:

      @eghan. If you are looking at HYIP you know it could be 5 days, 5 weeks, 5 months…there is no way to know. I believe five years would probably set a record so I certainly wouldn’t count on that.

  133. Nanita says:

    Hello Amanda,

    I signed up under the Private Plan and have only been withdrawing the available balance. However, I need to confirm form those of you that have already completed first cycles of this investment. When you have completed withdrawing the deposit initially made to LR will I still be able to to take my compounding still to LR?

    Thank you.

    • Amanda says:


      Hello Nanita.

      According to the site, the “Terms Of Service” state, in part:

      We reserve the right to allocate any of the payment systems we work with as the withdrawal payment method for any account.

      We let our members negotiate the possibility of selection of the the withdrawal payment, but only for the amount that does not exceed the amount deposited through the system the member wants to use for withdrawal.

      We reserve the right to allocate the withdrawal payment method for the amount exceeding the deposited amount. This right is can not negotiable.

      So, according to this, once you have reached your Break Even Point (the point where you have received ROI equal to your original deposit) the Admin has the option to allocate what ecurrency you will receive future withdrawals to (according to the Terms this is non-negotiable). My only suggestion is IF you only have LR available you contact your “Group Leader” in the Private Plan and ask them if there is anything they can do to help you.

      This is why I have posted this section of the Terms on more than one occasion and can only hope you receive a satisfactory answer.

  134. bobby says:

    how long does a bank wire take?

  135. sandy says:

    how many accounts am I allowed to open with profitable sunrise?

    • Amanda says:

      @sandy. According to their FAQs:

      How many accounts can I open with you?

      You can open as many accounts as you wish.

      Just a note: If it were me I would also send a ticket verifying this since most programs allow ONE account with as many “Plans” as you care to invest in…wouldn’t want you to have a problem later.

    • boostbiz says:

      From FAQ’S

      How many accounts can I open with you?

      You can open as many accounts as you wish.

      • Amanda says:

        @boostbiz. Yes, unusual to allow several accounts. That’s why I suggested a verification with the Admin. I just don’t want anyone to have a problem later on.

  136. johnnywishbone says:

    any updates everything still going good ?? about to make my first deposit as soon as the week day comes

    • Amanda says:

      @johnnywishbone. I have not seen any negative reports regarding ProfitableSunriseReview. Please do your Due Diligence and always take into account the Break Even Point: “The Break Even Point on the Starter Plan is 88 Calendar Days and 79 on the Regular Plan”. Please, use only funds set aside for High Risk investments — Always Play Safe!

  137. George says:

    What do you file it as for US taxes

  138. admin says:

    Monday 2/18 is Holiday for US…no interest paid by PS today

  139. cs says:

    has anyone received their entire 170 day maturity $ yet??
    or has anyone gone thru 2 170day maturity cycles???

    • Amanda says:

      @cs. Welcome to MIN. First of all, the plans run 180 Business Days — a period of 253 Calendar Days resulting in 180 payments (180 Business Days), and there are many, HOWEVER, the posts probably won’t be found here. You can check through the many posts in the Profitable Sunrise thread in Major Forums (listed above in my review) and I’m sure here are many posts there although you may have to read through hundred of pages of posts to see them :)

      Believe me, if people hadn’t completed their plans and received the funds from a program running since November 2011 you would have negative posts everywhere — and you won’t find any. (btw…they couldn’t have completed two cycles since each cycle takes 253 Calendar Days.) :)

      • cs says:

        sorry!!!! a on another note the business model, in my estimation, is perfect. I believe Mr. Novak tweaked it for 3 years until he marketed it to the clientele that needs this type of funding. He established a client base and for the last 3 years has grown in both return business and funds available to lend. He is also global thus his client base is much larger.
        the only problem I can even visualize is that if the administering of the business model falters! But for now I am very pleased with my results. remember, when a client receives their loan they already know where they are going to use the funds and exactly what THEIR return will be which means they do not care about the interest on the loan for 5 to 20 days as their profit using the funds and the immediate availability of the funds will outweigh the meager interest they pay.

  140. Joe says:

    I found a calculator specifically design for profitable-sunrise – Have a look!

  141. admin says:

    Just a reminder for those of you in Private Plans:

    Private Plans are just that — PRIVATE. Any discussion in open forum can cause you to lose your account, so please, do not post any information regarding private plans here or anywhere in public forums. :)

  142. Amanda says:

    For informational purposes:

    I have a small personal deposit, I do not compound and I DO withdraw twice a week.

  143. Deborah says:

    CS – I am only a few days away from completing my first 170 day cycle – will keep you all posted on this.

    For the sake of security, please make sure your password and e-currencies are both “LOCKED”….once locked it will be pale blue and unlocked will be darker blue.

    Make sure you have your secret word as that is the only was to unlock those areas to change your password or reset your payment processor information.

    I personally know of two whose accounts were hacked because of not locking these areas.

    BE SAFE!

    • nathan smith says:

      So you will be showing solid proof once your cycle ends? I still have 140 days. Thank you.

      • cs says:

        I talked with our groups leader she said she personnally knew 3 people who matured their 170 days and received ALL of their benefit!! they then re participated!!

    • cs says:


  144. TYang says:


    I’m new to this program. What is the best way to deposit money and get this started? I registered with STP and put in my card information, but when I went to “deposit”, it showed my name and information but didn’t show my card information or give me the option. I thought I was done, but I never got a confirmation. So I thought I had to “edit” my card info so I deleted it and added it again to make sure it was correct, and now my card info does not show up, however, it says my card is already added after trying to re-enter it.

    Reading the FAQ’s, it could take up a few days, but I didn’t receive any confirmation so I wasn’t sure. Also, it rejects my card now if I try again.

    Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    • Amanda says:

      @TYang. Welcome to MoneyInsiderNews.

      First, login to your PS account. Scroll down to where you see “Control Your Account” > look to the right and you will see “Current Settings”. Under that heading you will see your IP and all of the ecurrency accounts that you have attached to your PS account. If you see your STP account there, it has been added…verify the number and make sure it’s correct. If you do NOT see the information then you should look right below that for the “Contact Us” form. Just complete it and send the ticket giving him your STP info, etc. so the admin can correct it.

      If you DO see everything there you can go to “Transactions” > “Deposit” > “Investment Plan” > “Payment Method” > You will notice that each selection turns dark blue when it is chosen. Now, fill in the amount of the deposit using this format: 20.00 and click “proceed”. This will take you to the ProfitableSunrise confirmation page. Verify the information and “Confirm” or “Cancel”.

      Hope this helps!

      • TYang says:

        Hi Amanda,

        Thanks for the reply. I can click in the “Contact Us” box; however, it won’t actually type anything out. I did copy and paste the support email link provided and sent an email, so I’ll see what the response is.

        Also, I emailed STP and they’ve emailed back but my card information has not been corrected yet.

        I also did a “bank” wire transfer in the PS “Transaction” section and I got a reply email from Roman Novak the next day giving me instructions to fill out a bank wire USD transfer form, but no form was attached to this email. Not sure if you’ve tried to use the bank wire transfer to deposit money yet, but I was confused. I replied to the email.

        I really want to get started and see how this goes, but I’m confused now of how to simply deposit money into the account.

        Anyhow, thanks again for the reply.

  145. awu says:

    I requested a bank wire withdrawal of $300 last Friday 02/15 and the money has not reached my account. I emailed support line and did not get any response. I’m seriously concerned.

    • Amanda says:

      @awu. I believe Bank Wires can take at least 5 BUSINESS DAYS, just depends on the banks and the country. Did yours arrive? Strange that you have one of the only emails that hasn’t received a response.

      • cs says:


  146. trudy says:

    I was wondering if we able to open more then 1 account in a provate group? Do we have to use the same sponsor who reffered us or are we allowed to use another sponsor ID for the same group?

  147. bobby says:

    on the website it says this in the FAQ:

    How many accounts can I open with you?

    You can open as many accounts as you wish.

    • Amanda says:

      @bobby. Yes, I know what the FAQs say — I posted it above myself. The only thing is there are sometimes things that are misunderstood when you have a global community. I only suggest contacting the admin for verification since I would NOT want anyone to have their account frozen or suspended at a later date because the FAQs were really referring to “investments” rather than actual accounts. Just doing my best to help.

      • johnnywishbone says:

        and i seen a few comments where people were saying that you could get your account closed if you openned up dummy accounts but i think thats if you were lining them up under you …………??????

        • Amanda says:

          @johnny. That’s why I have asked everyone to check with admin regarding multiple accounts — usually leaders to problems down the road. Please be careful.

  148. isaac says:

    this tread is extremely outstanding,wish I should have come across this for long.May God bless Amanda and the crew the more.Please I’d be happy if you can review this site as well ‘(link removed)’ They claim to be exceptionally unique to all other hyip. I’d stop here and wait to see your honest review.Thanks

  149. Mike says:

    I got my bank wire in 6 business days life is great with PS. Love this program !

  150. Andrew says:

    Hi Amanda,

    I received below email regarding PS, i’m not sure how did he get my email address since I definitely signed up under you. It sounds suspicious, what do you think?

    (copy of email removed)

    • Amanda says:

      @Andrew. You are very wise to question it — NEVER click on links in emails. I don’t know how they get our emails but I have had a “rash” of spam emails lately. Make sure you mark it as spam.

  151. John says:

    Many thanks for you and your team,on all the write ups you do they are great.. Have you heard of Banners Broker, and if so what do you think about them. I have put some money in them, and I have also put money in Sunrise.. Many thanks for all your good work and please keep it up..

    • Amanda says:

      @John. I have heard of them and have friends that have joined, as well. I suppose I should say I’m undecided, thus I didn’t review it :)

      Thank you for the kind words and all my best to you in your investment journey.

  152. Carlito says:

    What to know about update post and comments .

  153. Deborah says:

    Hi gang,

    Next week my contract ends and then I start again. I am very excited to make a large withdrawal.

    I am in Banners Brokers, it takes some work to build and learn as they keep fine tuning things. There are rooms in skype dedicated to Banners Brokers so contact me if you are needing additional support (heartworth9 is my contact name in skype).

  154. boostbiz says:

    Can someone explain who is charging for withdrawal?
    cause i realized either stp or PS is taking a fee from me when withdrawal requested is completed.
    for example if requested $ 100 i only get $97 or $98.
    i contacted stp , i was informed that the fee came from PS
    but it doesn’t show anywhere in the back office where i was charged for withdrawal . please help me understand.

    • Amanda says:

      @boostbiz. This from STP Knowledge base:

      Why are there fees for transactions?

      SolidTrust Pay charges fees on most transactions in and out of your account. These fees are in payment for the use of our services which we provide on your behalf. Transaction fees are the only method by which STPay generates funds needed to provide the services we do. Our fees are highly compet…

      Sure looks like the fees are from STP to me :)

      • boostbiz says:

        Thanks a lot !
        I am not sure why i was told by stp customer services that the withdrawal fees came from PS not from the(stp).
        now i learned my lessons, cause i’ve been taking money out every day not realizing i was being charged every times i requested a withdrawal.I guess it’s best to do it once a week then .

  155. tom says:

    I was wondering if you are able to change your secret word. I forgot mine and need help.

    • admin says:

      @tom. Your Secret Word is the one thing you need. In a ticket to the Admin he told one person to “keep guessing”. Try all of the ones you can think of and if you can’t remember then you will need to send a ticket.

  156. tom says:

    I emailed support and they emailed me back with less then 24 hours and gave me my secret word. Profitable Sunrise is the Best!

    • johnnywishbone says:

      @tom thats also sort of scary they shouldnt be able to give you your secret word … maybe reset it and give you a new one … but they shouldnt have access to see that password even as an admin ????????? also my money just finally became available in my STP account time to transfer it to my PS account .. my first deposit !!

      • Amanda says:

        @johnny. Honestly, with everything that suddenly going on with Profitable Sunrise you may want to wait a little while. We’ll watch them closely.

  157. Paul says:

    Hi, PS sent email today that they no longer will use 3rd party processer . All withdrawals are bank wire only ???…..

    • Amanda says:

      Yes Paul. Profitable Sunrise received two “cease and desist” orders from two states in the US. It appears this is his solution…we shall see.

  158. sandy says:

    Got an email from Roman Novak that we can only make withdraws via Bank Wire in the USA. Is that true?

  159. Amanda says:

    Email from Roman @ ProfitableSunrise:

    My Dear Friends,

    It is been a really long time since I last spoke to you by means of a personal message. A lot of very important developments have take place in the course of the last several months. I felt that it is the time for you to hear my mind on them.

    Thanks to your valued support my business has grown really big and strong. This would not have been possible without you. The growth has brought about the necessity to streamline my business model, cut the administrative costs and comply with the tax authorities. They have already asked us about the interest we pay you. This has led to a very important decision to do away with third party payment processors. I am hereby announcing that we have started moving away from payment processors for withdrawals in favor of direct bank wires. By doing so we are literally killing 2 birds with one stone. First, you avoid the fees processors charge. Second, you comply with the IRS. We will simply specify in every payment what it is for and where is comes from so IRS will have no problem collecting taxes. It has always been my honest belief that we need to pay all the taxes.

    I am anxiously looking forward to the Easter week, I am sure you are too. We are working on new offers and plans that will be announced after Easter.

    Stay Blessed,
    Roman Novak,
    Profitable Sunrise

    Evidently this is his answer to the “Cease and Desist” orders he has received from two states in the US. I’m sure we’ll hear more.

    • johnnywishbone says:

      hey do you guys know if that includes deposits too? cause i was getting an error when trying to transfer from stp to ps yesterday but i was trying to do it at work so i thought it was because of our firewall …?? havent tried @ home yet

      • Amanda says:

        @johnny. I have a feeling it includes both deposit and withdrawal. Since the minimum bankwire is $300.00 it certainly will be a problem for many investors.

        I cannot give advice to anyone BUT, if it were me, I would certainly think long and hard about making a new deposit in ProfitableSunrise at the moment.

  160. ISAAC says:

    Well done Amanda and the crew.a question I’ll love to ask is that;Is the cease and desist order giving to PS alone or all programs of such in the state?Are they truly giving such?

    • Amanda says:

      @Isaac. Only Profitable Sunrise…and only in the US (two states, North Carolina and Alabama). Programs that become large can run into problems in the US. Unfortunately Roman’s solution is for the entire member base — Bank wire only for everyone.

      • johnnywishbone says:

        why would a state do this ? or what would make a state do this? if you ask me someone in these states is doing big things with ps and someone is probably jealous of thier success

        • Amanda says:

          @johnny. Honestly, this can be caused by anyone…even a minimum investor. It is quite a coincidence this is North Carolina…the State that began the unraveling of Zeek.

  161. ISAAC says:

    moreover I’d be happy if you can review these two programs;
    “” and “”.Many monitors give a paying status but I still have some respect for your honest review.Thanks

  162. Jon says:

    Hi Amanda
    Do you know how this will affect Pro Sun members not living in US and not having US bank accounts eg with bank account in United Kingdom for example? Thanks.

    • Amanda says:

      @Jon. I don’t believe ProfitableSunrise uses a US bank. The bankwires will be International wires and can be sent to almost any country (with fees, of course).

      • boostbiz says:

        Hello guys
        How long does it take to get the money in the bank once requested withdrawal?

        • Amanda says:

          @boostbiz. I believe someone posted their bankwire request and it asked for 10-15 days for processing.

          • boostbiz says:

            Wow Thanks !
            I received a message after i made a withdrawal last night stated it will be proceed and the next 24 hours. but it has been a lil over 24 hours and no sign of the money into my account yet . lets hope for the best.

        • Amanda says:

          @boost. They may begin to process a bankwire within 24 hours, however they normally take 3-5 business days to get into your bank account. I believe International take even longer. The 10-15 days response seemed a big long to me but Roman may just be allowing himself plenty of time.

          Be prepared for the “panic” syndrome…we’ll see a lot of withdrawal requests from those who aren’t compounding.

  163. bobby says:

    Hello sir.

    All the members get nervous due to desist of NC and changes of PS (only BW for withdrawal)

    - I’d like to know if PS will be really fine to continue business
    - Could you allow non-US members to use payment processors for withdrawal continuously?

    Best regards.

    From Roman Novak

    The new withdrawal rule applies to all members.
    We are absolutely fine and will continue doing business as usual.
    Have a Blessed Day!

    Roman Novak
    Profitable Sunrise Founder

    • Amanda says:


      Thank you for verifying this with the admin Bobby. I was assuming that was his intent but didn’t know for sure. I’m sure this is going to cause HUGE problems for almost everyone.

  164. Amanda says:

    Unfortunately, I believe the Admin’s decision to use bankwire only will cause a huge problem for hundreds of members with Profitable Sunrise. Initially it will be a problem for all the the members who have “small” deposits.

    As I have posted in this thread, I have a small deposit with PS. Because my principal was very small and I chose not to compound, my daily ROI was small so I withdrew weekly to my payment processor. What am I to do now? Honestly, I’m sure I’m not the only one with this problem.

    For those of us with small deposits we can’t withdraw until we have a bankwire minimum of $300.00 plus fees in our Available Balance. Honestly, that will take me months (not sure about other investors). This is definitely a dilemma for me.

    I will tell you what I finally decided to do — I set my account on COMPOUND. The only reason I did this is because I don’t believe I have any other option except walk away and let my money sit in my account and slowly grow. I might as well since I can’t withdraw. Now I sit back and see if PS can weather the storm.

  165. admin says:

    from PS Staff:

    If you are wanting to withdraw funds from your account using the bank wire option it is important that you are totally prepared before clicking on the withdraw button in your back office. If you do not have all the information to complete this action and click “cancel”, unfortunately your funds will be pulled from your available balance and put in a pending status in your history tab.

    This is a glitch and Support is working on getting this corrected, but in the meantime be careful.

  166. Perry says:

    Hi there,

    Firstly thank you for keeping such an informative thread on ProSun. Secondly, I wanted to ask if we have to take out half of our Long Haul balance at Easter, or if it was just an option.

    I would like to leave it in to continue compounding if possible.

    Many thanks

    • Amanda says:

      @Perry. Welcome to MIN. I have copied from the FAQs and I think this answers your question — withdrawal of half is just an “option”:

      Can I switch the 100% compounding off in the Long Haul?

      You can do this only after the investment term of 240 business days is over.

      What is Easter Gift?

      It is a special option which lets every customer using the Long Haul withdraw half of the accumulated account principal during the Easter week.

      Hope this helps :)

  167. Jon says:

    Hi Amanda, thru’ you, could we ask Boostbiz to very kindly tell us all when his bankwire withdrawal hits his account and which country? This would be a helpful practical example, thanks.

  168. Amanda says:

    Just a note: I believe the Bankwire minimum may be reduced to $200 — that’s a good thing. Also have heard there will be an option for smaller investors so stay tuned :)

    • Liz says:

      Yes, the amount was lowered to $200.

      FYI – This is the info required on the form:
      1. Beneficiary: Person owning bank account
      2. Beneficiary Address on the Account:
      3. Beneficiary Bank Account Number
      4. Your Bank Name
      5. Bank Country
      6. Bank Branch Address
      7. Bank Swift: Bank International Code
      8. Bank ABA Routing Number:

  169. mak says:


    Unfortunately I encountered the ‘glitch’ and now have funds in a pending state

    I have contacted support but without response thus far which I assume is because they are very busy.

    Am I correct in assuming they will rectify the issue for those accounts in this situation?

    Do we have a timeframe?

    thank you

    • Amanda says:

      @mak. Oh no….what a mess for you. They did address the “glitch” but the only mention was their “support” was working on it with no timeframe mentioned. It never hurts to send the ticket making them aware of your personal situation — have no idea if it will be an easy fix plus not sure if the pending requests will then be automatic or if all adjustments will be manual. I know it’s hard to be patient but I think that’s what is needed right now

      Please keep us updated.

  170. mak says:


    Will do.

    Thank you

    P.S if you do hear of anyone in same situation that has reached a satisfactory conclusion please let us know – much appreciated

  171. Amy says:

    We cannot log in this morning. It continues to show an error. Is anyone else experiencing this? I’m panicking a little!

    • Amanda says:

      Hi Amy. I just got home and logged in with no problem…hope it’s OK for you now.

      • mak says:

        there was a logon issue for about 45 minutes yesterday but then rectified itself – could have been a DDOS attack or just a simple hiccup

  172. mak says:

    or could have been a site/script upgrade – but they are usually seamless especially if they have mirrored sites

  173. Gerhard says:

    There is something that worries me just a little: I sent 2 support tickets over a week ago and never received an answer. I have also tried to contact my group leader via his email address shown on my account home page and I never received an answer from him. Are they just responding to the rich investors and not bother with the little ones?

    Does anyone have an answer for this?

    • Amanda says:

      @Gerhard. I believe the support tickets are being answered very, very slowly (please read my quote from Roman posted immediately following this post). I cannot answer regarding your Group Leader — my Group Leader has helped all along the way.

    • CS says:


  174. Amanda says:


    My Group Leader verified they are still working on the “glitch” but hopefully will be corrected soon. Also

    We will be getting more people inside to help with Customer Service(CS), especially with the wire transfers. I know a few of you have had issues! Goal there is to get them down to less than 5 days consistently for everyone! We all know its hit and miss with the time frame.

  175. Cherry says:

    Hi Amanda, I’ve been following this thread for a while and am wondering how you manage to get the info you have from PS? For example the quote above from Roman. Is this via your group leader?

    • Amanda says:

      Hi Cherry. Yes, and I have a wonderful group leader. I actually have my friends to thank for that since they had to practically beg me to deposit…lol

      I believe I posted this somewhere in the thread but I originally chose not to review PS because it didn’t look like anything special…boy, was I wrong. If I recall, one of my readers requested the review and the rest is history. PS has been very good to many people over the year and a half they’ve been around.

      I’ve also been told e-check is now a possibility so options may be coming.

  176. Gerhard says:

    Thank you for your answer Amanda. Yeah – I don’t understand why my group leader is not responding to any emails. Anyway, I still think PS is an excellent program and I am happy about my payments going into my STP account every day – within 30 minutes of my withdrawal request.

  177. johnnywishbone says:

    outside of this bankwire fiasco all is still good with PS ? i was in the midst of making my first deposit using STP right when this craziness happened … working on trying to do the bank wire thing ….glad to hear they lowered it to $200 … initially i only wanted to deposit $100 but i can live with $200

    • Amanda says:

      Hi johnny…Well, STP withdrawals for small amounts are being done, as usual. I believe it is the “best” withdrawal option for small withdrawals but I have no idea how long it will continue. We should be hearing from some members soon regarding their bankwire requests.

      I cannot give you advice but I would personally use “Caution” and read everything available on PS before making a new deposit.

      • lou says:

        Saw that small amounts were being processed through STP. Any idea how small? When I have tried it keeps defaulting me to bank only.


  178. lou says:

    I decided to try to go onto the site and try a ‘small’ withdrawal and the website is down. Says bad gateway.
    Hope it’s just a glitch or update….

  179. Gerhard says:

    Please note: PS is down for maintenance for the next 36 – 48 hrs. They are moving to a new and faster server system.

  180. trudy says:

    Dear Friends,

    Profitable Sunrise Technical Team is presently doing server migration*. This will give you a more productive system.

    Downtime : Approximately 36-48 hours.

    Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

    Have a Blessed Day!
    Profitable Sunrise Team.

    *Server migration is a process in which data is moved from one server to another. Data may be moved between servers for security reasons, because equipment is being replaced, and for any number of other reasons.During the migration process, data may be temporarily inaccessible.

    • Amanda says:

      Thank you for sharing that Trudy. With all that is happening I will not hold my breath but will patiently wait to see them reappear.

  181. Lydia S says:

    Is there problem with the website? I tried to open it and it’s not working.
    Also, I did not received any email today in regards to the interest earned.
    Appreciate any inputs.

    • Amanda says:

      @Lydia. The site is down…supposedly for maintenance (not sure if I believe that or not). The last interest email I received was 20 hours ago but the emails can’t go out when the site is down. I’ll keep you updated if I hear anything.

  182. Gerhard says:

    Hopefully…. ??

  183. CS says:


    • Amanda says:

      @CS. I have a feeling that with the site taken down the email server for PS isn’t functional and MASS emails cannot be sent…IMHO

      I believe there are Facebook updates but I haven’t looked for them.

      • johnnywishbone says:

        i currently dont have any as of 2013 but post 2011 i ran quite a few website even hosted some locally from my house. ive built websites from code and using web base programs. i say that to say usually when you take your site down or even if you upgrading your server while your doing that you can leave up a banner @ the current url to let people know that the site is down for maintence. there are several ways to do this depending on what you are actually doing on the back end. that site is completely offline. right now imo Roman is buying time to get out of dodge lol

  184. tim says:

    ProSun will be up and running soon. The latest
    greatest news to me 2 days ago was PS was moving
    operations to Hong Kong where the biggest servers in the
    world are located and cannot be governed by any internet laws PERIOD, so get ready my fellow members,
    Roman is making this possible and has all of our best
    interest at hand. Hence reason Roman is relocating all his operations to Hong Kong. Let’s see what power Roman
    has to get him and us out of this corrupt USA interference

  185. Uzair says:

    this website is block??

  186. Cherry says:

    IMHO it’s gone. It’s nearly Easter with the huge payouts that will need to be made to those that got into the ‘Long Haul’ offer… More and more US states are issuing warnings and cease and desists – I think we can safely say goodbye to PS. I hope I’m proved wrong, but in my heart I have to say I don’t think I will be.

    Good luck everybody!

    • Amanda says:

      @Cherry. I’ll give him until Monday on the server move (they don’t pay on weekends anyhow).

      I know they have issued them but it’s a very strange thing — there were no complaints from members. How can members complain when everyone has been paid each and every day. I have a very strange feeling that our naysayers (you know the ones who say they are trying to protect all of you, but who gets hurt in the end? You, of course) pointed the NC Attorney General to the affiliate ads…and then the AG began investigating those that placed them. I believe almost all of the others have only issued WARNINGS since they have no formal complaints (one of the States said there was no C & D because they had NO complaint.

      Good luck to you too, Cherry.

  187. Uzair says:

    This website will open when??

    • Amanda says:

      @Uzair. According to Roman, the admin, as soon as the new server has been enabled. If we don’t see it by Monday then we definitely have a problem.

  188. Gerhard says:

    Looks like PS has a new site up – or is it a fake imposter??

    No login yet…. (link removed)

  189. Gerhard says:

    I did some more digging: This site is just a recruitment site from one of the private plan members that was put up on March 2nd.

  190. jonny says:

    Roman did tell us that he was looking into other ways to
    help speed up the withdrawals from the program. He mentioned
    a possible e-wallet system and also a possible debit card.
    Roman did say that he was excited about the upcoming Easter
    Gift and that this is where their priority is focused. He
    also said that he was looking into other possible programs
    to introduce after they reach this date.

  191. Faus says:

    Guys, here is the latest update and it looks good:

  192. johnnywishbone says:

    damn damn damn weezy jefferson voice lol looks like the ship is sinking. not sure if you know amanda but its alot of folks out there slamming you and your site but def want to thank you amanda for being up front and honest anytime i made a comment and never urged me or rushed me to join into the PS movement. you even urged me to watch it for awhile due to a couple states flagging PS or i would be out of money like a bunch of others. due to my own curiosity i would have been in a long time ago but if it really wasnt for the time constraints of withdrawing and transfering money dealing with these payment processors id really be in trouble. but between that and amanda informative updates on the company and informative direct replies im a spared lamb. hope all works out for every one else. def keeping my toes fingers and eyes crossed for you guys and hope @least there will be a refund of your principles @the least

    • Amanda says:

      @johnny. There are those out there who want to get me…for what, I’m not sure :) . I post unbiased reviews…only reviewed PS because someone asked me to…lol I NEVER advise, hope to inform and only invest with my own funds — which are very minimal. Most who visit my site are already registered members of a program and only visit to add to their Due Diligence (so my referrals are few).

      Those who joined PS and didn’t compound should have reached their Break Even Point long ago (unless they joined recently). How anyone can complain when they are in profit I cannot understand. My heart goes out to those that did compound or have funds in the Long Haul…just hope Roman lives up to his word and the site returns soon.

      btw…have no idea why anyone would slam a person and site that prints both sides of the program — pro and con. That’s honestly why I started the site, so folks would make a wise decision and not just look at all the hype out there. I NEVER encourage anyone to join a program but always tell them to think it over…just like I did with you.

      Now we wait…

  193. boulderdr says:

    I find it hard to believe that Roman could just up and run. Where will he run to and where can he hide. The paper trail is enormous! Just seems preposterous to think that.

    I can see why they are having trouble getting back up again. The negativity is building from those who don’t want us to be able to share in this business model. Fat wall street cats and banks using our money can reap these rates but we are not allowed to. Why, because we are a conglomerate group pooling out money together. Those are not the rules of the game. You either play by the rules or get blasted by the naysayers.

    Hopefully tomorrow will be a bright opening for all of us.


  194. CS says:

    hey people NO ONE twisted your arms to participate ! you are all grown up if it continues then every thing is fine it it does not then OH WELL you and I made a wrong choice in life looking for mr good bar!!! sometimes you get a lemon! quit crying and trying to blame others for YOUR FREE choice!!!

  195. Elaine C. Turner says:

    From another ProSun update site!!!

    Today is Monday 18th March it is 6.40am
    I am recently out of bed and catching up on the news from some of the Team leaders.
    I want to share these messages with you >>>

    The first is a text message reportedly from Roman.
    “”I have landed in Hong Kong and unloaded the new servers. I plan on getting a cup of coffee and massage before I install the new server. Have a blessed day”
    “GOOD NEWS, just got an email from a group
    leader saying that Roman has moved the
    servers too Hong Kong out of the reach of
    the U.S. government ,and the website
    should be up some time tomorrow”
    The second is a message to a PS member from her Group Leader
    I hope this helps calm you all down, stop reading all the negative press releases and have faith.


  196. boostbiz says:

    Tried to comment on the site but for some reason ,my comments were not posted
    i am doing something wrong or i am just not allowed?

    • Amanda says:

      @boostbiz. That is so strange. I just found this comment in Spam. I had 245 spam comments, you just happened to be on first page so I saw it and marked it “not spam”. My filter is automatic and picks up links, etc. Not sure why your earlier comment would have gone there.

  197. charlie says:

    This link that was posted above is now expired. Does anybody have a copy of the recording with Nanci and Roman Novak so we can listen, it was about a 64 minute interview, I only got to listen to part of it and other really would like to listen.


  198. Alex says:


    Do you think since the servers have been down since last Thursday and we have not been incurring any interest, do you think those interests will be back pay to us once they are back up in opperation?

  199. charlie says:

    I was able find the link on this website, its the 6th video down on the website. Unfortunately this is the only place i could find it.

  200. Gerhard says:

    This was posted by secret727 on the Goldentalk board:

    “profitable sunrise latest updates

    MARCH 19

    I received this update this morning from someone in NJF’s group: Ok. She talked to Roman he said the website will go online on 3/22/13 around noon. she also said that he made a lot of changes to the website so its going to look a little difrrent but people can get used to it very easy. She will be making an update on her website soon too. I’m very happy with this news and hope you will be too.”

    • Amanda says:

      @Gerhard. Thank you for sharing…you made it here first :)

    • boulderdr says:

      I remain hopeful and positive, although sometimes hope can lead to false assurance. Be that as it may, indications suggest we will be pleased with many profitable sunrises to come and the Easter gift we are promised. All eyes are on you Roman Novak. God be with you. May He keep you safe and protect you with His grace. And we pray together…

  201. charlie says:

    I received this update this morning from someone in NJF’s group: Ok. She talked to Roman he said the website will go online on 3/22/13 around noon. she also said that he made a lot of changes to the website so its going to look a little difrrent but people can get used to it very easy. She will be making an update on her website soon too. I’m very happy with this news and hope you will be too.

  202. Faus says:

    Guys, I just got this latest update and hope it’s true.
    (link removed)

  203. CS says:

    Pro sun model was perfect, allegedly he has been in business for 4 years thus tweeking it and accumulating clients which is very believable and would go along with improving his business model to include outside participants to contribute their resources for a benefit!! He has been paying out for over a year and has been very transparent as far as contacting group leaders and long audio interviews while exhibiting a very professional & in depth knowledge of his alleged business!! BUT, now something is wrong??? and if he does not make it right very soon we have been HAD!!!

    • Amanda says:

      @CS. Roman is left with the daunting task of “fixing” the problem — he did not create the problem.

      • CS says:

        yes i know i am very positve that things will work out. the website is still working the server is shut down, thus all computations are still being done relating to our benefits being calculated while the server is being changed. will be back by monday! hopefully. changing servers is a long process 48 hours or work time thats about 7 days if everything goes perfect! vey confident right now!1

  204. tim says:


    Good Day,

    We are excited to provide you with some critical updates. We are very
    close to finalizing our partnership with our connection in China. Our
    e-checking and debit card system is almost complete as well. Please
    understand that servers were moved to Hong Kong to protect ProSun.
    This ensures the safety of our data. Our new 4% daily – 7 day program
    will be introduced after Easter payout which is coming near. This is
    just another way for us saying thank you and allowing us to put more
    money in your pockets sooner.

    Our support staff will also be growing massively to better serve our
    clients needs as business grows. For those of you looking to deposit
    more money into ProSun. Don’t worry you will have this opportunity as
    servers come back up very soon. We appreciate your patience.

    We are doing our best to safely increase your savings and make you a
    happier person. We are here to help you with anything and provide
    answers to all of the questions you may have.

    Have a Blessed Day,

    Roman Novak

    • Amanda says:

      @tim I am posting your update, however, I’m not certain these updates are really from Roman. Actually, I personally feel members should keep in touch with their Group Leaders rather than posting in public forums, but that’s just IMHO :)

      • boostbiz says:

        In my opinion,some of the group leaders are stalling for the company and they’re doing a great job .
        i am not sure for how long they will keep on stalling .
        will see

  205. itmak says:

    I personally dont think that belongs to Roman – there are lots of differences in the style and words used from previous posts. For example he has never ever referred the company to ProSun, rather he would say type it in full.

    I also dont think 4% for 7 days is something he would do either. If Roman wanted to give a special thank you he would simply had a bonus to our accounts e.g say 5% of total invested

    Lets see but the more we wait to more I think someone is playing tricks with the emotions of lots of people who are part of the private groups.

    I hope I am wrong as I have faith in Roman.

    The next 24 hours will reveal all – for the best i pray

    • Amanda says:

      @itmak. I agree…especially on the 4% short term matter…I don’t think he would do that. I believe most of these updates are from some “blogs” and not sure if they are PS blogs or just scammers pretending to be “in the know”. Thus the reason I mentioned keeping in touch with your groups and not reading public forums, etc.

  206. purplerain73 says:

    In my opinion PS is off!! It will never start again…

  207. johnny says:

    Come on people, profitable sunrise is gone for good. Write this off as a loss and move on. There are plenty of other opportunities to make money out there, this isnt the only one.

  208. sam says:

    Update from one of the group leaders. Finally an honest answer…

    Hi everyone, I know that many of you are upset, worried, anxious and many other things, angry bitter, but listen up, we the admin of this page DO NOT OWN PS we are like you, members.

    We DO NOT know any more than most of you, we DO NOT want to speculate what is going on with the PS site. WE DO NOT KNOW.

    However when we get some honest information we will pass it in. No good passing on info that came from some dodgy source. There is alot out there that’s for sure.

    We need to stand together, support each other, but this is not the place to be abusive to us or anyone on the page.

    You can have your own opinion if you want but no point yelling at us or anyone else on here. Be kind and wait.

    We may have to wait till after Easter. If the Long Haul is not paid after Easter then maybe that will be the answer. In meantime go about your lives, check in here now and again, we will be here to bring any updates we have.

    Have a great day and be kind :-)

  209. Sanjay (batch no.: 9658850) says:

    Good to know that this website is ” from investors for investors.”

    Hopefully Roman Novak is somewhere and aware of this website and reading this;

    I had a lot of confidence in you and Profitable Sunrise because of this website. But the way you are treating your investors now is absurd.

    Whatever you are doing, that is not an excuse to disappear, but lack of respect. A person with so many “gods words” should know this better.

    You could simple send everyone an email, example from a Gmail account, send update’s on Facebook, twitter, which is reliable. As all the other reliable companies are doing.

    However I hope you and your website will reappears again and when that will happen, I will take my investments back.
    I have no faith more in someone so deal with its investors.

    • boostbiz says:

      In my opinion , i believe all the group leaders are in contact with Roman Novak and were well aware of the situation.
      They all need to come out and do something.

      • nathan smith says:

        I’m pretty positive they have taken the money and ran. There has never been any pictures of “Roman” or his associates. All the big pushers have gone quiet and are no longer around. A simple server migration that was to take “6 business days” has not been completed. The money is gone, plain and simple. I hope I am wrong.

  210. Faus says:

    Guys, I have just read this update from Facebook.


    In the yesterday call,it was stated that many are getting Bankwire WD who requested near 6th-7th march.Slowly,PS is coming on track.

    I request all members not to click on any link related to profitable sunrise(it may be a hacker attempt).Roman has not issued any official update yet.

  211. OliverD. says:

    All I can say to everyone is our hopes has to be in God and God alone. God has appointed certain people for certain reasons. If God has his hands on Roman Norvak, as he did with those in scripture. Then Profitable Sunrise will keep on growing and blessing. Even if Profitable Sunrise under attack. Nothing can stop the hand of God!
    Roman Norvak will keep on being used by God until God’s appointed time.
    Thank you Roman Norvak for being open to our God and thank you for the years your company has blessed us.
    Remember, If Profitable Sunrise goes a way, it is all in God’s hands and our trust and belief should only be in our God. God knows how to bless the faithfulness of us who believe.
    Personally I believe when God has his hand on someone, that someone will perform to his God’s wishes.
    So I thank Mr. Norvak and I praise our God no matter what the outcome.

  212. Sanjay says:

    Hi Faus,

    Do you have any Gmail/Yahoo etc. email address of Roman Novak or one of the Group Leaders?

    My Group Leader; ms. Stephanie is not replying back.

    Please let me know.
    Thank you.

  213. Sanjay says:

    Oh ok, Thank you.

  214. Nalyssa says:

    Mr Novak..I had been bless by you every day until March 14 and pray that your website will be up soon. Easter will be tomorrow. If you don’t bless us tomorrow. I’m sure my life will be 0. My income is base on your site. I can’t contact any body nanci Jo also disappear. Can you deposit my money for Easter through my processor that I have on file? please help

  215. admin says:

    Since Profitable Sunrise hasn’t returned and 99% of the comments are only speculation I am closing this program to comments. When Profitable Sunrise publicly returns I will reopen Comments.

    Thank you for your understanding.