TheBig5 Review — Closed

Site Launch: September 9, 2012

Break Even Point: The Break Even Point on the “5 Plan” would be 20 Calendar Days. The BEP on the “Fixed 114″ is upon expiry.

Contact Details:

Company name: Investors Association LTD
Office address: 21 Mansell Street, London

The site states:

The Opportunity

The core mission of TheBig5 is aimed towards providing the lowest possible risk with the maximum return for the shortest possible term. Our team has now become a very strong unit as we have been working together for many years. We personally believe that success is inevitable when people work together in synchronization and focus towards the exact same goal.
This particular aspect is highly needed for the business to prosper. The fact that TheBig5 deals with their client’s funds requires a very well-structured and closely controlled process because our customers have faith in us and they believe that their money will be handled very carefully. Our program is simple and straightforward and an ideal vehicle for even the most inexperienced investor.
The History

TheBig5 is well-known for its presence and participation in Forex, Real Estate, Precious Metals, Energy commodities and fixed income securities. We have wide-ranging areas of expertise. TheBig5 is a legal entity and registered as an offshore limited company in the UK, with a strong authority and control due to which there can be less rules and regulations and more flexible processes.
We are able to operate without being subject to regulations that do nothing but put a strangle hold on our ability to maximize profits and minimize risk. This also allows us greater flexibility when buying and selling investment instruments. We are then set in the position to participate in high quality investments in the world’s largest industries, but leaving open the opportunity to take advantage of small investments that might turn out to be the block buster deal of the day. We are all inclusive in our approach to choosing investments and see the merit of the small investment as well as the large investment.
Our new and improved philosophy is success and prosperity can only be accomplished through a cooperative effort and shared goals. Our investors are not only our customer’s; they become our partners and share the vision we all have for financial success. Without that partnership, we would not be as successful as we are and we would not have the number of happy investors on board with our philosophy.
We have set our sights on minimizing risk and maximizing profits for the benefit of all our customers and not just ourselves. We take pride in our team of program developers for going above and beyond the call of duty and offering a platform that is not only easy to use, but retains the integrity of the investment system. That is the most important element in our program and we use that as our overall benchmark as we make improvements to the program.

More “About Us”:

Incorporation Certificate:


Custom script (I cannot say unique since I feel it may have been used before)


I love the design of the site although it looks very, very familiar. You can signup and immediately login to your backoffice, which may look familiar to many of you.


Investment Plans


This investment plan runs for 31 calendar days and you will receive a 5% return on a daily basis which means that you will encounter 31 interest payments. After the investment period is over, the principle amount you had will expire, resulting in giving you a total return of 155% (55% net profit). This can be joined with a minimum of $20 and a maximum of $1,000,000. Lets say you invested $1,000, you will receive $50 daily for 31 days leaving you with a total of $1,550 at the end of the period while $550 is your pure profit.

5% Daily for 31 days


31 Calendar Days

Total R.O.I.:

155% R.O.I.

NET Profit:


Min – Max withdrawal:

$1 – No limit

Min – Max investment:

$20 – $1,000,000



Fixed 114

This investment plan is less profitable but does have the advantage of paying you the profit a whole lot faster. We will pay you 114% after 10 calendar days including your principal, leaving you with a clear 14% net profit. The minimum spend is $20 while the maximum is again $1,000,000. Lets assume again that you made a spend of $1,000, at the expiration of your investment you will receive $1,140, that is a $140 clear profit for just 10 calendar days.

114% After 10 days


10 Calendar Days

Total R.O.I.:

114% R.O.I.

NET Profit:


Min – Max withdrawal:

$1 – No limit

Min – Max investment:

$20 – $1,000,000



Minimum/Maximum deposit:

The Minimum is $20 and a Maximum of $1,000,000 is listed under the Investment Plans (although the FAQs state $100,000 Maximum)


Compounding is NOT available

Principal Withdrawal:

Your Principal is included in your Daily ROI with the “5 Plan”. Your principal is included upon expiry with the “Fixed 114″.


All withdrawal requests are processed as soon as possible but allow up to 48 hours. You MUST have a minimum of $1.00 for all withdrawal requests.

Trading/Calendar Days:

TheBig5 pays Calendar Days

E-currencies accepted:

They accept Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, EgoPay and Solid Trust Pay.

Site Information:

TheBig5 states their main areas of interest include Forex, Real Estate, Precious Metals, Energy Commodities, etc., etc. They also provide their Incorporation Certificate. I personally will treat them as any other HYIP. You will find no phone support but they offer 24 hr support services. You need to scroll to the bottom of the page to find the “Navigation Menu” for more information and for the “Company News”

Dedicated Server:

TheBig5 is hosted on dedicated servers by BlackLotus

SSL Certificate:

High Grade Encryption verified by Comodo

DDOS Protection:

BlockDos is their DDOS mitigation provider.

Referral Program:

TheBig5 has a one level Affiliate Program paying 5% commission.


Support is available through the standard Support Ticket


Main Forums





Is it just me or does anyone else feel we are seeing something very familiar when you look at this site. It has EVERYTHING we look for…Dedicated Server, Premium SSL, perfect DDOS protection and a sustainable ROI since the principal is included. I’m sure those of you who were in Royalty7 see the similarities…right down to the script. I realize they say it is custom script (it is) but it certainly looks like one we’ve seen before. Is it the same Admin or perhaps the programmer staff sold the script to theBig5? That could be.

There are two plans…so let’s take a look at them:

The first is the “Five Plan” paying 5% per day for 31 Calendar Days with principal included in the daily return. For instance, if you were to invest $100 you would receive 5% or $5.00 per day to your account, which you can withdraw immediately. On day 20 you will have reached your Break Even Point — the point where you have received accumulated profit equal to your original investment — so the final 11 days are “pure profit”. Upon completion of the plan you will have received a total of 155% accumulated ROI which represents 55% profit plus return of your principal totaling $155.00.

The second plan is the “Fixed 114″ which is a term plan. With this one you are paid the entire amount of 114% upon completion of your 10 day plan. If, for instance, you were to invest $100 in this plan you would receive 114% or $114.00 at the end of 10 Calendar Days.

As you look through the site of TheBig5 you will see many similarities with the program I mentioned above. The plans may be a little different but the format of the plans is the same (this could be the programmer?), the design looks much the same (admin or programmer?) the backoffice looks much the same. I only know they have a nicely presented site…whether it is an experienced admin or an experienced staff. One of the things I was curious about was their promotion, since the initial advertising was only with a large Monitor/Blogger. Now, a few hours after launch, I see several top monitors have been added — you won’t see this presently on their ratings page since it is still “under Construction” but I’m sure it will be completed soon.

Make sure you scroll to the bottom of the page where you will see the “News” and the “Navigation Menu”.


I don’t know that I am a fan of someone presenting a “clone” of a program that recently collapsed. Is this simply a copycat who wants us to think it’s the same Admin and the program will last for several months, as the last one did? This one is a little different in that they pay “Calendar Days”. I’m sure there are others who will continue to investigate this possibility and I will keep you apprised of what I hear.

I must admit they have done many of the right things including top-notch security, script and now promotion. It would seem they should continue for 2 or 3 cycles, at least. I wish I had my crystal ball.

If you are looking for a short/mid term program that includes your principal in your daily ROI you may want to take a look at theBig5…it just may be a good fit for your portfolio.

Just remember — any newly launched program is suspect whether it is presented by a novice admin or an experienced one. Use only funds you have set aside for “high-risk” investments…always Play Safe!

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  1. Amanda says:

    TheBig5 Review Published!

  2. Amanda says:

    I have made a small deposit in this one:




    Transaction Processed

  3. Solomon Okafor says:

    They are doing well!

  4. Amanda says:

    First payout from TheBig5:

    STP Transaction id =272781092
    Comments = Withdrawal from
    Date and Time = 19 Sep 2012 @23:04 PM


  5. Amanda says:

    More payouts from TheBig5:

    STP Transaction id =272789204
    Comments = Withdrawal from
    Date and Time = 21 Sep 2012 @00:27 AM

    STP Transaction id =272807317
    Comments = Withdrawal from
    Date and Time = 23 Sep 2012 @18:09 PM

    STP Transaction id =272803944
    Comments = Withdrawal from
    Date and Time = 23 Sep 2012 @03:00 AM

    STP Transaction id =272798602
    Comments = Withdrawal from
    Date and Time = 22 Sep 2012 @08:01 AM

  6. Amanda says:

    Paid again:

    STP Transaction id =272831986
    Comments = Withdrawal from
    Date and Time = 27 Sep 2012 @00:26 AM

  7. Amanda says:

    I’ve been paid by theBig5:

    Transaction id =272879507
    Comments = Withdrawal from
    Date and Time = 03 Oct 2012 @03:13 AM

    Transaction id =272855486
    Comments = Withdrawal from
    Date and Time = 30 Sep 2012 @07:14 AM


  8. Amanda says:


    STP Transaction id =272915162
    Comments = Withdrawal from
    Date and Time = 06 Oct 2012 @06:31 AM

  9. Amanda says:

    At the moment I am seeing pending payouts…I have one as well but mine is not out of TOS. DO NOT INVEST until this is taken care of.

  10. Amanda says:

    It’s official…they are definitely a scam and site is gone.

    Fortunately I was in early and only lost $2 :) plus I had NO downline so my readers didn’t lose either. So sorry for those that did.

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